The New Tarot Deck

  This black and white deck is smaller than average at 2 1/2" X 3 1/2". The art is good. It consists of line drawings that resemble woodblock art. The images are simple, yet have enough detail to make them interesting. There is some nudity. The Major Arcana have traditional names except the High Priestess has been shortened to Priestess. Justice is 11 and Strength is eight. The suits are Circles, Wands, Cups and Swords. The court consists of Knight, Prince (Swords and Wands) or Princess (Cups and Circles), Queen and King. The court cards in this deck have recommended meanings that are a bit different. The Knights are described as “messengers, pure action, the verbs of the tarot grammar.” The remaining court cards represent the elements, the signs of the zodiac and mythical figures or deities. For example, the Queen of Circles: 

Taurus, Earth Queen, Lillith, daughter of the great Mother, a heavy broad who rules the Garden of Eden, its fruits and flowers. She is a good sex partner, loves children, useful things and a quiet good time.” 

The backs are reversible and consist of a mandala of the author’s initials.

  The Major Arcana also correspond to deities, myths and archetypal images, both ancient and modern. Some examples:

II. The Priestess is the young moon (Isis, Ishtar). Hers are all the arts of love. The way is along the path of study and learning in all of the arts and sciences.

VII. The Chariot, Victory, the ego’s highest reward and ultimate trap. For modern myths, read Marvel comics. To proceed return to love, integrate with ego and balance.

  The Minor Arcana are a mixture of Golden Dawn and idiosyncratic meanings. The Three and Eight of Circles, and the Two, Three and Seven of Cups resemble their counterparts in the Waite deck. Other cards like the Two of Circles (Sorceress), Nine of Cups (Romeo and Juliet) and Nine of Swords (Big Mama) are unique in their imagery and meaning.

  There is no little booklet with this deck. It does come with a fold out sheet. The sheet provides brief background information about the tarot and a thumbnail image of each card and its upright meaning. The thumbnail images are very useful since some of the cards can be difficult to identify at first. The Prince of Air (Swords) is an example. The crystal ball in the image might cause one to mistake this card for a Circle. The fact that none of the cards has its name written on it does not help. Some advice on reading is given. It basically recommends that you look at a card and see what comes to mind then compare it to the meanings given for additional views. One spread – The Solar Diamond Spread, is provided. It is a 13-card spread based on astrology.

  I recommend this deck for collectors, for fans of black and white decks, and for those who are looking for something a bit quirky and fun. I ordered mine from the author. I have listed his address below. I don’t know if he is still distributing them or if the address is any good. I am told that it is also available at R. Somerville.         

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The New Tarot Deck
Publisher: TAROCO
P.O. Box 104 Sausalito, CA 94965
Images Copyright 1973, 74, 75 Wm. J. Hurley and J.A. Horler


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