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This deck was done in 1995 as a promotional device for a group of California artists. It is a Major Arcana only deck. The box says "22 Tarot cards by twenty-one hard working illustrators." The Fool is a joint effort by two of the artists. As can be expected in a collaborative effort, the styles and quality of the art work vary.

The cards are very large at 5" X 7". They are on glossy coated card stock. The backs are purple and white. There are various art mediums represented - collage, computer graphics, pen and ink, and paint. Artistically speaking, some of the best cards in this set  are The Magician, the Empress, Death, and the Devil.

The deck comes with a fold-out sheet with upright and reversed meanings and instructions for the Celtic Cross Spread. It also has a directory of the artists with their names, addresses and phone numbers, and a card to send in for portfolios, tear sheets and appointments with the artists.

I bought this deck from another collector and I do not have any information on availability.

The Illustrator's Tarot
Publisher: Pelican Press, 2040 Polk St. Ste 209, San Francisco, CA 94109-9614

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