Tarot of Initiation

This limited edition, Majors only deck consists of line drawings which are meant to be colored in by the user, a la B.O.T.A. The cards are somewhat larger than average at 4" X 6." The art is good - not great, just good. Although the work is highly detailed, I find the faces a bit flat and lifeless. As for coloring, I found the intricate details made coloring difficult. You need very, sharp hard pencils. I think paint is pretty much out of the question unless you have some experience in painting miniatures. The card stock is uncoated. The scenes appear to based on the Waite-Smith, though the artist did take some liberties, primarily by adding his own symbolism.

The booklet that comes with this deck describes the scenes in each card and provides an upright interpretation. The interpretations are fairly traditional, though they have more psychological terminology than most little booklets. Reversals are not discussed. Instructions for laying out the Celtic Cross Spread are provided. The deck comes in a two piece box. The deck is a limited edition of 800, though my deck is not numbered and I assume the others are not numbered either. I recommend this deck for collectors and those interested in a deck to color for themselves, though my reservations as given above should be borne in mind.

Tarot of Initiation

Price: $18.00

Available from Thaddeus Books, 4404 N. E. Going, Portland OR, 97218 (503) 281-6689

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