Yellow Brick Road Reading with the Inner Child Tarot - Spread by Isha Lerner
Reading by Diane Wilkes

This spread is supposed to be used with the Major Arcana-only, but I felt like coloring out of the box, so to speak (it IS the Inner Child Tarot, right?). The querent was considering two options--taking a specialist's course in her chosen field of medicine or opening up her own center.

Card One - Dorothy - What is the new dream/vision/insight? - The Seven of Swords Reversed

This card spoke to the real dilemma the querent faced--should she do what she knows is lucrative and safe (going back to school) or taking a risk (on a financial, emotional, and intellectual level) in unknown territory. The Seven of Swords shows a boy writing at his desk, but looking out the window at unknown vistas. His attention isn't really on his work at all, but the outdoors where his dreams and imagination play. 

The querent is in financial difficulties, so sees the scholastic option as a sure-fire solution. The problem is that it will take her away from what she really loves (her present job). In the last year, she has discovered she has a low tolerance for being in a job situation that dissatisfies her--but she also has to pay off loans and eat.   It is conceivable, even likely, that she could make good money if she researches and begins a center of her own, but it demands risk, taking a path that few have trod, and becoming entrepreneurial--something she definitely doesn't like. We talked about looking for a business manager who has no interest in the actual work, but has a good head for the financial concerns. No point in taking all that risk just to end up doing something she doesn't like--she could do that by becoming a specialist in a field in which she isn't interested.

So the Seven of Swords reminded her of what really matters to her, and clarifies her own dreams and desires. The card reversal shows the blockages to seeking her dreams are within her, particularly when we see the next card is...

Card Two - Scarecrow - The way you use your mental skills - The Magician

This version of the Magician is based on the childrens' story of Aladdin and his magic lamp. This version of the card shows both the child on the ground with her elementals (the fairy wand, the crystal, the heart, and the sword) and a large bookcase behind her, as well as a large genie whose size and magical gifts overwhelm the card. This spoke specifically to the querent believing the magic is outside of her, not inside. She follows a Wiccan path, yet rarely does magic--she does read a lot about it, though (hence the large shelf of books). This card showed she has all the tools she needs to open a center, if that's truly her heart's desire, but that she feels overwhelmed at the thought of manifesting her dreams by using those tools. The irony is that she feels comfortable with structure, but rebels against the common idiocies that abound in many businesses.

Because of the imagery in this card, we determined that the querent underutilizes her skills when it comes to pursuing her own aims, perhaps the mental skills most of all, because her focus is often moved outside of herself. Recognizing and embracing the concept that her own magic resides within will unleash her personal mental genie.

Card Three - Tin Man - The way you respond to emotions and feelings - The Hierophant

This was another card where the typical spin was a bit skewed. The large size of the Hierophant compared to the small individual holding the shining ring brought to mind unequal relationships. This offered a possible perspective that one "should" be or do something differently in her personal romantic dyad. The querent felt that had been an issue in the past, but one that had been resolved. We then spoke about the possibility that she and her partner expected to weather any problems that could evolve from her returning to school, but that her taking on the role of entrepreneur and medical center owner might cause troubles (because so many things about that role are unknown). 

The querent also felt that she wasn't particularly good or in touch with her emotional issues and that her partner wasn't good at giving her emotional support, though he was supportive in other ways. Friends had provided that emotional support in the past, but her present situation didn't afford much time with her friends. The white horse on the card led to a discussion about animal totems and the emotional support the querent receives from her animals. Sometimes, when compared to the unconditional love an animal provides, a human being doesn't seem all that loving.

Card Four - Cowardly Lion - The way you empower yourself with self-confidence and courage - Two of Wands

This card was almost the question instead of the answer. Clearly, the individual in the image is looking to find herself, to discover her own reflection and what is beneath her surface. So this most watery Wands version of this card suggests that the querent reflect, get in touch with what really fires her up and inspires her.  Once she sees her "true" reflection inside, she will feel that self-confidence and courage that the Cowardly Lion desires. The girl who holds the fairy wand in her hand looks like a butterfly-in-pupa, still in the chrysalis stage. Besides taking comfort in the fact that she's not in the caterpillar stage, she knows the wings are in sight and readying for flight.

Card Five - The Yellow Brick Road - The spiritual gifts that you doubted, but now know are yours forever - Three of Wands

As soon as I saw this card, the old Mamas and Papas' lyric, "Make your own kind of music, sing your own kind of song," came into my head. That is the querent's spiritual gift--and curse. Her internal song is highly individual, and she only feels in harmony singing when it's a song of her own. Recent work experiences have shown how very discordantly she responds to environments where she has to sing another's tune.

The only way for her to truly take flight is to be in a situation where the music she makes is her own. And the reason that is a curse is because she doesn't love what it takes to put herself in such a position. She wants to build her ideal center, but the work involved in making that dream a reality doesn't appeal to her at all. The line after the Mamas and Papas' lyric I quoted is "Even if nobody else sings along," but in a business, if nobody else sings along, you go broke. Finding a way to perform "her" music within the confines of reality and without having to perform too many onerous tasks is the querent's challenge (and the gift).

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