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This is a Major Arcana only deck. The art style is collage and the images are beautiful. The card title is in  the top border in French and the card number is in the bottom border. The card titles are traditional, albeit in French, with the exception of card 13 which is titled "L'Arcane Sans Nom" (arcana without a name), and card 16 which is titles "Maison Dieu" (tower of God). Strength is 11 and Justice is 8. The Fool is card 22.

The art is excellent. Most of the scenes have a large central image which immediately draws the eye, but there are some scenes that are very chaotic and crowded with images. The colors and imagery are fabulous. However, the Fool is rendered in gray-scale. The images are well lid out and the collage work is seamless.

The deck comes with an eighty page booklet. It is in French, a language I briefly studied in Junior High School. From what I can make out, it has general meanings for each card, followed by a section on numerology, followed by a section called Le Chemin de Ton Evolution (the path of evolution). This seems to be an exposition of the Fool's Journey. The remaining chapters provide card meanings for various types of questions: spiritual, love, financial, and professional. There do not appear to be any spreads in the booklet and my poor translating skills may be slightly off the mark.

I recommend this deck for collectors and t\for those who like collage art. I got mine as a gift (Thanks A!), so I can not provide a source other than the publishing information in the book. If you should happen to find one of these decks, please let me know where you saw it.

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Le Tarot de Saint-Jacques
France Poehr
217 Rue Marcelin Berthelot
44445400   Fleury Les Aubrais
RC No. 390 876 60S
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