July 2001 Spread of the Month

Crone's Eye View Spread by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince

This spread invokes the wisdom of the Crone to give clarity and advice in times of uncertainty, and when you're feeling just a little too close to the subject at hand. Imagine that the Crone has put on her feathered cloak to have a look at your situation from an unclouded and higher perspective.


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     2    3

1. She Sees The Pattern
This is the overall view of the situation. It can also indicate recurring cycles from your past which are appropriate to the current situation.

2. She Sees What Is Hidden
This indicates a force acting on the situation of which you are not yet consciously aware.

3. She Sees What Is Obvious
This is something you know about the situation but which requires you give it more attention or importance.

4. She Sees Your Strength
This is what you can and should call upon to help you in this situation.

5. She Sees Your Weakness
This is what you need to be wary of in dealing with this situation.  It can apply to modes of behavior which may
otherwise be fine but will not work well in this particular case.

6. She Knows Where To Strike
This indicates the approach you should take, the opportunity you have for action, and the best way to effect positive change on your behalf.

See a sample reading of this spread here.

Ellen Lorenzi-Prince has been a reader and teacher of Tarot for over 15 years. She is the artist and designer of the in-progress Tarot of the Crone. She writes tarot-related articles, poetry, short stories and meditations for herself and for several online study groups, as well as for printed newsletters. She may be contacted through her site.

Spread 2001 Ellen Lorenzi-Prince
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