The Moon from the Jungian Tarot DeckThe Jungian Tarot Deck - Review by Michele Jackson

This deck drawn by Robert Wang, is based on Jungian Archetypes. The pamphlet states "The Jungian Tarot is a set of archetypal images carefully designed for use in a process which Carl Jung, one of the founders of the psychoanalytic movement, called 'active imagination'." Wang is a competent, if unexciting artist and the images are well executed. There is more detail and more vivid color in this deck than there is in Wang's other deck "The Golden Dawn Tarot". The card backs are quite lovely and are one of the highlights of this deck. The Major Arcana remains fairly traditional and archetypes have been assigned to each card. There is also a Mandala on each Major Arcana card which symbolizes aspects of the self. The Court Cards are King, Queen, Prince and Princess, with archetypes assigned here as well. The Aces through tens are pips without scenes, though there is some additional symbolism on the cards in terms of color. Each card has an astrological assignment, however Wang has devised an entirely new system. Wang's system assigns planets to the numbers, and zodiac signs to the suits and court cards. Anyone with a basic understanding of astrology will have no difficulty grasping this system. Some changes have been made to the Tree of Life as well.

It is my understanding that this deck is currently out of print. I have seen it available in some retail outlets, but if you have an interest in this deck and see it somewhere, buy it while you can. There is a book written for this deck and I strongly recommend you purchase it either separately or by buying the deck/book set. The booklet which accompanies the deck only provides short interpretations and does not explain Wang's system or assignments or the reasoning he used. The book provides more robust interpretations and outlines a course of study using the deck as a tool for self discovery. I recommend this deck for those interested in Jungian psychology and Tarot.

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The Jungian Tarot
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