Jungian Tarot (New 2001 Version) by Robert Wang
Review by Mel D. Stippich


Friends:   I have been searching for the perfect tarot deck for many years.  And at last, on eBay, I found one:  the Jungian Tarot Deck by Robert Wang, printed 1988 with book, which meets all my needs (meditation and divination).  But since the deck is out of print and seemingly rare, I had been reluctant to work a lot with this deck until I found that just recently the deck has been reprinted.  I obtained it through Seven Rays Books. This version is published by Marcus Aurellius Press, Columbia, MD USA, but is printed in China. 


After I had received the deck, I felt joy. "Now I can use the Jungian deck without worry."  Eagerly, I opened the box. The deck did not come with any instruction booklet at all.  I noticed that the box easily tore when I tried opening it.  


The paper was very thin and the deck was wrapped in shrink cellophane, as most decks are. The finish was very slick, and the paper card stock very thin. The cards could easily be torn if care was not taken, which I saw as an immediate problem.  I also noticed that the deck seemed warped in the center of the deck, and, at times, it would pop out or in from the middle.


But the colors in the pictures were still vibrant and striking, as in the 1988 printing.  I also noticed that the backs were of a more bluish color, not as green hued as my original 1988 deck, but still striking in color and appearance. The deck is a nice size, for all sized hands.  As I continued to use the deck, I did get used to the feel of the card stock, but I find myself being very careful not to accidentally tear the paper.


I shall continue to use the deck, as I find the pictures as striking and colorful as the 1988 printing.  But the printing company should be made aware of the poor thin card stock, and that it should be rectified and printed on a more substantial, thicker paper.


I have found though that after working with the deck for a number of days,  the deck has lost the warped feeling and now the cards seem to lie flat on the reading cloth or table. This could be from the heat of the hand that expands the paper, and relieves the deck of the warp.  

Mr. Robert Wang did a marvelous job. I recommend this deck to anyone who is a serious tarot enthusiast and/or diviner.  I give it 2&1/2 stars for the paper card stock, and 5 stars for the pictures and colors of the deck all around.


You can see the color differences in two decks from two cards sampled here.


Jungian Tarot by Robert Wang
Marcus Aurelius Press
ISBN#:  0-9715591-2-0


Review 2003 Mel D. Stippich
Page 2003 Diane Wilkes