Kabbalah Tarot

This is a 78 card Japanese deck/book set. Actually there are two books, but more on that later. The cards are average size measuring 4 7/16" X 2 13/16". The cards have a yellowed, antique look. The Major Arcana have been renumbered:

I  The Magician IX The Balance (Justice) XVI The Star
II The High Priestess X The Fool XVII The Temperance
III The Sun XI The Wheel of Fortune XVIII The Trainer (Strength)
IV The Lovers XII The Tower XIX The Chariot
V The Hermit XIII The Hanged Man XX The Moon
VI The Hierophant XIV The Devil XXI The Universe
VII The Empress XV The Death XXII The Resurrection
VIII The Emperor

The suits are Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles. The court consists of King, Queen, Knight and Page. The Minors are illustrated. Each card has two rather intricate inner borders. The top of each image has a circle. These circles are illustrated in various ways. On some cards they are just worked into the scene. On others they are used to hold the suit symbols. Still others use them as backgrounds. The card number also appears in these circles. The art is good. The backs are reversible.

The Major Arcana have astrological symbols in the circle. I think they are grouped in meaningful ways, but can not verify this as I can not read the Japanese language books. Some cards have one symbol, others two together, and others on opposite sides of the circle. The planet and sign correspondences are different fromany I have previously seen. For example, the Fool seems to correspond to Jupiter and the Hierophant seems to correspond to Neptune. The Major Arcana images are based on Waite and other Golden Dawn decks. As previously mentioned - the Minor Arcana have scenes. Some cards like the Two of Cups and the Four of Pentacles are similar to their Waite counterparts. Others are similar to other cards in the Waite deck. For example, the Five of Cups in this deck is similar to the Six of Pentacles in Waite and the Eight of Swords is similar to the Waite Ten of Swords. 

This set comes with two hardcover books. They are written in Japanese. Book One seems to be describing the Tree of Life, reading techniques and spreads. Book Two has card meanings. The deck is packaged in a separate box that opens like a book. All three pieces fit into an open ended box making an attractive and convenient package. I recommend this deck for collectors.  

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I got this deck from Laurie7465@aol.com

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