Kardz: The Funny Animal Tarot

This deck is a collaborative effort by many cartoon artists - some famous and some not so famous. As with any collaborative deck, some cards are better than others. The thing they all have in common is that they are peopled with animals and that they are done in cartoon style. The deck is black and white and the cards measure 3 7/16" X 2 7/16". This makes them about the size of most trading cards. They are printed on sturdy card stock and are uncoated. Because the card stock is thicker than most tarot decks, the deck is rather thick reaching almost 1 1/2" high when stacked. The backs are tan with a brown flower-like pattern.The entire thing fits neatly into one of those plastic cases designed for trading cards.

Because so many different artists were involved in this project, the styles of the cards vary greatly. Some are dark and serious while others are quite whimsical and silly. Each suit has a theme animal. Swords are birds, Cups are cats or dogs, Wands are hoofed animals (horses, deer, goats) and Pentacles are rodents (rabbits and mice). In the Major Arcana, just about anything can appear. For example, The Empress is an elephant and The Hierophant is an alligator (at least I think it is an alligator, though Sim's main charecter is an Aardvark). Some of the artists included are:

and many other artists, too numerous to mention. Keith O'Brien, organizer of the project and his wife Carrie, also did some of the cards themselves, like the Ace of Cups (Keith) and the Eight of Wands (Carrie)

The little booklet that comes with the deck does not provide any interpretive or spread information. It does provide the name of the artist responsible for each card. The cards are packaged in a plastic trading card box.

I recommend this deck for collectors and comic book fans.

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Kardz Funny Animal Tarot

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