The Kashmir Tarot

Copyright 1984 Nicolaas Van Beek

This deck is a fine collectors item from a limited edition of 800 decks. The deck is done in silk screen and is on light cardboard. Majors only, numbered and signed by the artist. Please note, this picture can not do this deck justice. I have seen pictures of the deck in books as well. They too, pale in comparison. It is available from the artist:

Nicholaas van Beek
Amstelveenseweg 1090
1081 JV Amsterdam
The phone number for anyone who wishes to call with questions is: 

31-20-644-2296. Note that from this country we must first dial 011 (just like dialing 1 before an in-country long distance call).

The Kashmir can be ordered either by sending an international postal money 
order, or by wiring funds.  Anyone who is interested in wiring funds should send an e-mail. They will reply with the necessary bank information for a transfer.
The current cost for the Kashmir is 1,100 Guilders. 

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