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Tarot Card Combinations
This book tackles the difficult subject of how to read cards in combination. As such it is a useful
reference. The author provides and explains a method of how to deduce what various cards mean
in combination for yourself. After explaining how to do it for yourself, she goes on to do a great
deal of the work for you. The task is a daunting one, particularly when you take reversals into
account, which the author does.
Part 1 is a nice short introduction to the Tarot with some good
practical advice on how to learn to read and how to read cards in combination with each other.
Part 2 deals with the Major Arcana. To start you are given several short interpretations for the
Magician and the High Priestess, both upright and reversed. You are then given interpretations for
these two cards together as follows: The Magician upright with The High Priestess upright, The
Magician reversed and The High Priestess reversed, The Magician upright and The High Priestess
reversed. We do the same with the Emperor and Empress, The Hierophant and The Lovers all
the way through to The Fool and The World. Next we take a strange leap to combinations of The
Magician and The Hierophant, followed by combinations of The Fool and Justice, followed by
combinations of Justice and The Devil, followed by combinations of The Sun and The Lovers.
There is probably some method to this, but just what that method is escapes me. Part 3 does the
same thing with the Minor Arcana by suit, including the Court Cards. Part 4 has Random
Combinations of the cards and this section is where we find combinations of all the Majors and
the Minors. It starts by combining 2 upright cards, then one upright and one reversed, then 3
upright etc., etc., out to combinations of 4 upright and reversed cards. Part Five provides some
spreads and finally, there is an Index (a real necessity in this book), where you can look up The
Devil Upright, for example, and find all the pages where this card appears, though you still have
to go through them one by one to find, say, The Devil upright and Judgment reversed. There is
no guarantee that you will find the combination you are looking for at all as all combinations
could not possibly be covered. Things also get a little shaky when we get to the 3 and 4 card
combinations. The 7 of pentacles, The Chariot, 2 of wands, Ace of wands combination is
interpreted as "Business journey (trip) is accomplished; new work begins. Trade movement project
starts. Plans to relocate are successful, change is near." Not very clear in my opinion, but keep in
mind that these are just suggestions and alternate interpretations are certainly possible. Aside from
providing a method for reading combinations, this book could be used as a jumping off point to
get the ideas flowing. I think there is a bit more here than was necessary for illustrative
purposes, but, a noble attempt, nonetheless. There is some good information in this book, as long
as you are not expecting to find all possible combinations.
Tarot Card Combinations
Author: Dorothy Kelly
ISBN: 0-87728-829-1

It would be impossible to demonstrate every combination of cards that could exist, as the
possibilities are endless. The point of working with these combinations is to show you a variety of
common, easy-to-read combinations so you can get acquainted with interpreting and linking
cards. The tarot cards tell their own story, and this book will help you learn how to discover that

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