Le Tarot De Belmont - Review by Connie Walters

I am a collector, as are many of you who get to this webpage. We all buy decks for different reasons at different times. Right now I'm into the weird and unusual. 

I have several hundred decks and I knew this one had to be a part of my collection.  This deck is not a limited edition print. At least it's not numbered. And I don't know very much about it. There is no ISBN number, no address of the printer or the artist, and no book with the deck. Yet I can tell you it was printed recently. The type of paper and quality of the printing is very modern.  I found it on e-Bay, and I was so enamored with the pictures, it didn't matter where it came from: I just had to have it. 

It is a 22 Major Arcana Deck only. The artistic style is totally different from anything else I've ever seen. It definitely falls away from  the Waite tradition.  The artist has a great love for the Qabalah and world culture. 

The cards are large, four by five inches and lightly laminated. They would be easy to shuffle, should one choose to read with this deck.  If you ask me, I would say it looks as if the originals of this deck were done with acrylics. The colors are so bright and vivid. Although it could be pen and ink; it is hard to conclusively determine the artist's medium.  The printing is perfect. 

Each card has a different black and white border design, which consists of the Hebrew letter that corresponds with each particular card. It's a combination of Op-Art, Modern Art with flavors of Asian, Middle Eastern and French cultures all thrown in. The end result is wild--and I absolutely love the detailed art!

The backs of the cards are as entertaining as the fronts. I have scanned a copy for your viewing pleasure.

Each card is richly detailed and finely drawn. The attention to detail makes me grab my magnifying glass for a better look. No kidding, when you look at this deck with a magnifying glass, there are no flaws--only oodles of surprises! Make sure to get a look at the goldfish swimming in the Magician's cup on his table of magical objects.  This deck can give hours of viewing pleasure. The artwork is superb; it must have taken a very long time to accomplish this marvelous deck. 

Deck is available through Richard Giudice or Yves Daniel.  Prices may vary.  Check around. 

Le Tarot de Belmont
Published by Lang of Switzerland
Illustrated by Francois Corboz

About the Author:  Connie Walters has been reading and studying the tarot for 15 years. She is a Certified Professional Tarot Reader with the American Tarot Association (ATA) and is working towards certification as a Tarot Master. She has read tarot professionally for many years, and has also taught tarot classes. She is also an amateur astrologer and has studied numerology. Connie has begun work on a tarot deck of her own, and has created several cards for collaborative decks.

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