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Tarocchi di Leonardo

This is a Major Arcana-only art deck that is based on the drawings and paintings of Leonardi di Vinci. The cards are larger than average at 5 7/8" X 2 15/16". They are on a heavy, uncoated card stock with a canvas-like texture. The colors used - grey, brown, and pink - give the deck a weathered, antique look.

Da Vinci's backward handwriting appears on each card along with small line drawings. These are usually placed in the background area of the image. Some relate to the card, such as zodiac symbols. Some appear to be merely decorative, though they may have a purpose that I am not aware of since the little booklet is written in Italian, a language I can not read. Some cards are based on easily reconizable paintings and sculptures. For example, Papessa (High Priestess) is based on the Mona Lisa;  The Empress is based on Portrait of a Woman; The Hermit is based on Da Vinci's painting of Saint Jerome; Strength is from The Virgin and Child with St. Anne; Temperance is from The Annunciation. Others, like the Fool, are based on Da Vinci's drawings of inventions - in this case a flying machine.  The backs are reversible.

The deck is packaged in a folding sleeve that slides into a case. The little booklet is in Italian.

This deck is from Lo Scarbeo's art series (Tarocchi d'Arte), which is no longer distributed in the United States. Other decks in this series include the Durer. You can order this deck and the others in this series directly from the publisher in Italy via their web site.

Tarocchi di Leonardo
Artist: Iassen Ghiuselev
Publisher: Lo Scarabeo, C.SO SVIZZERA 31, 10143 TORINO, ITALIA

Images copyright 1992 Lo Scarabeo

More information on Leonardo da Vinci and the a link to the Museum of Leonardo

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