Sample Reading with the Liber T Tarot
Reading by Diane Wilkes

The querent requested a general reading.

Card One: The Querent and her situation: The Prince of Cups

The Prince of Cups holds a vessel that could represent the Grail Cup in his hands. This image is more feminine than its Thoth equivalent--he looks as if he is riding in a flowing sea anemone. The Air/Water mix speaks to a person of strong emotion moving towards an important goal, and the movement is flowing, fluid--exceedingly graceful. The querent may not look as if she is moving forward with focused intent, but that is an illusion. She may be adept at achieving her goals and ruffling as few feathers as possible at the same time, because she is articulate and tactful, even though she keeps her "eye on the prize." She does not allow her emotions to overwhelm her; the element of air keeps her on the path. Yet emotions are at the very core of every move, every action, every tactic. The querent would be well-served to check in on an emotional level on a regular basis, as feelings fluctuate more quickly than habits, and her emotional goals may shift before her actions reflect that change. This is really underlined with Card Three (Weaknesses) -- The Eight of Cups.

Card Two: The querent's strengths, assets, and gifts: The Eight of Spheres

While the Thoth version of this card is called the Lord of Prudence, the Liber T card speaks of "concealment." According to the LWB, it suggests "strategic withdrawal" and shows a couple underneath what looks like a tree of knowledge, and a goddess (Demeter?) holding a sheaf of wheat. Is it the time to eat of the tree of knowledge, or does she need to weigh the potential results of that meal? The querent knows how to be patient and wait for success--and while that is a strength, too much patience can be a weakness. Sun in Virgo is grounded, specific, articulate (Virgo is ruled by Mercury), deliberate. The querent may instinctively feel that this is not the time to move forward, yet her desire is to do just that. This is a time for the querent to trust her instincts and permit them full reign, even if they conflict with her emotional goals.

Card Three: The querent's weaknesses and obstacles: The Eight of Cups

The querent might easily become downhearted when she feels her energies are coming to naught, and can give up on success just as she is on its cusp. She is sensitive to suffering--her own and others--and it literally debilitates her. While her sensitivity is her greatest strength, it can also be her greatest weakness. She can feel that her efforts are simply not worth the trouble and then come to regret acting on feelings, which can be temporal. Astrologically, the decan associated with this card is Saturn in Pisces (Constraints/Limitations/Structures in Sensitive, Mutable Waters)--it is hard to construct anything lasting out of water, unless you have a vessel with which to contain it. She might want to build in tangible (Eight of Spheres) reminders of what she values at her core to motivate her when she feels like giving up.

The card connections in this reading seem significant. All of the cards are very yin (and the two Minors are even-numbered), which indicate that it may be difficult for the querent to get and stay energized. In terms of elemental dignities, water and earth get along very well--but can indicate placidity. The fact that both Minors are eights indicate that the querent has possibly reached a plateau in her life and may need to find that next mountain to climb, but finds it comfortable to stay precisely where she is. Sometimes a little respite is needed before moving on to the next goal.

And when the querent does move on, she will do so with the grace and fluidity of that Prince of Cups!

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Images 2004 Lo Scarabeo
Reading and page 2004 Diane Wilkes