linweave.jpg (43833 bytes)The Linweave Tarot Deck

This 42 card deck consists of the 22 major Arcana, 16 Court Cards and four Aces. Published in 1967, the deck is an advertisement for Linweave Paper. Each card is on a different type of paper produced by the Brown Company, Pulp, Paper and Board Division.

The cards are large at 8 1/2" X 5 1/2". They were drawn by four different artists: Ron Rae, David Paladinni, Nicolas Sidjakov, and Hy Roth. The Majors are split between them and each each artist was assigned a suit (Ace and Court Cards). Each artist has a distinct style and every card is drawn on a different colored paper. The card number is on the top and the card name is in the bottom border in French. The names are traditional except for II - Junon (High Priestess), and V - Jupiter (Hierophant). Justice is VIII and Strength is XI. The back of the card has the divinatory meaning and a brief paragraph telling you why Linweave papers are superior. You can see one of the backs here.

The deck comes with two handouts. One has a brief history of the Tarot and the other tells you "How to Tell Your Fortune with the Linweave Tarot Pack." The latter has a nine card spread called the "Linweave Nine-Card Oracle."

As promotional products go, this is a nice one. I bought this from a fellow deck collector (thanks, J), but I am told it turns up in used book stores from time to time. If you see one, grab it.

Images Copyright 1967 David Palladini, Nicolas Sidjakov, Hy Roth and Ron Rae.

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