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Review by Michele Jackson 
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This is a very large (5" X 8 1/2"), Majors only deck. It is packaged as a deck/book set, and is subtitled "For Affairs of the Heart". The cards appear to be collages, with a large central figure drawn from classical Renaissance art, placed on an appropriate setting, with a patterned background. Unlike many collage decks, which seem to combine elements from different periods, this deck uses a minimal number of art pieces, which have been carefully chosen to look like they belong together. The collage effect is almost imperceptible. The scenes appear to be based on the Waite-Smith. There are no major reinterpretations of the symbolism or changed card titles. Strength is VIII and Justice is XI. The entire effect is quite attractive, and this is heightened by the large size of the cards, which make them seem more like pieces of art than a Tarot deck. Therein lies a reservation as well. The large size and limited number of cards makes shuffling this deck or mixing it in any manner other than sliding them around on a smooth surface impractical.

The book that accompanies this deck is also well done. A short description of the card with some background information, and the astrological correspondence is provided, followed by an interpretation. Interpretations are provided in four areas: cards drawn for yourself, cards drawn for your partner, cards drawn for the relationship and cards drawn for the future. These areas are further broken down into sub-categories: The Gift: which is the upright interpretation, and The lyle2.jpg (17288 bytes)Challenge, which is the reversed interpretation These interpretations are primarily divinatory in nature, and the effort to make them relationship specific takes its toll. The book is beautifully done though - hard bound with color plates of each card and one of those classy little ribbon bookmarks in the binding. The writing is fairly good, though as previously mentioned, some liberties were taken in order to keep the book on topic with the theme of the deck. The style is a cross between a basic beginners book, advice to the lovelorn and a romance novel. Lyle has written other Tarot books of the coffee table variety. She provides a fairly accurate, if short history of the Tarot and some introductory material. There is one four card spread called "The Lovers Pyramid", and a sample reading. Her suggestions for further reading is a strange mix of popular New Age titles and two Tarot books, both of which provide a non-traditional take on the Tarot. To quote S. H. Soror I.W.E. "Its perusal may be omitted with advantage."

I would recommend this deck more for its art than anything else, though those who have an endless fascination with dissecting their love life may find it useful for readings. The deck and book are beautifully packaged in a double slip case which ties closed with a ribbon. Well done and attractively packaged, this deck would make a good gift for collectors, and those preoccupied with "Affairs of the Heart".

If you would like to purchase this book/deck set, click here.

The Lovers' Tarot For Affairs of the Heart by Jane Lyle
ISBN: 0-912-08258-4
Publisher: St. Andrew's Press $28.95


The Cards

The twenty two cards of The Lovers' tarot have been specifically designed and interpreted to focus on questions of love and relationships: eternal issues that concern us all. In times of turbulence or uncertainty we all need a wise guide to turn to; at such moments we seldom realize that this counselor dwells within us. Consulting an oracle is one way of contacting our own inner well spring of intuition. In ancient times divination was inextricably linked with healing. The vivid, dynamic images of myths and dreams were and integral part of life which led the shaman toward mystical initiation; the healer to diagnosis; the seeker to truth and enlightenment...

...Your destiny is in your own hands, to shape and enjoy as you please. The cards do not reveal some implacable fate, but open a way for your mind and psyche to co-operate. Their memorable images, like spiritual sign posts, stud the rich, intricate journey of life and love itself.

From the Lovers' Tarot pg. 12 and 13

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