Sample Reading with the Lovers' Tarot by Jane Lyle
Reading by Diane Wilkes

The querent was concerned about her response and behaviors during disputes with her husband. The Lovers Tarot book author, Joan Lyle, interprets reversals as the opposite of the upright. Because I was using that deck, I chose to use that technique and, interestingly, found it more useful and appropriate than I usually do. Perhaps that is due to the non-pictorially illustrated pips? -- DW


Card One:                The Querent

Seven of Swords reversed - The querent is an upfront, upright kind of person.  There's nothing sneaky or covert about her.  Because she's completely lacking in these areas, she doesn't always recognize them in others. This can leave her vulnerable and disarmed in interpersonal relationships when there are disagreements. She is extremely bright and articulate and cannot understand why these gifts fail her when conflict arises with her spouse.

It is also possible, in fact, that the querent occasionally even feels guilty without any reason to do so (see Card Three). She can be overly scrupulous in regards to herself and her ethics and constantly questions her own behaviors.

Card Two:                The Querent in Her Current Relationship with Husband

Nine of Pentacles reversed - The querent may be so desirous of maintaining family, structure, and security in her life that she's afraid to rock the walls of that foundation--which she may see as confronting her husband as doing.  Perhaps this is due to past religious instruction (see Card Three) or a less-than-stable environment in the past.  At one point, there was great harmony and happiness in her relationship, and she wants the status quo to remain the status quo, even though she's thinking more of the past than the present situation.  Everything looks so similar to what it used to be in the good old days that she's not even clear what's askew. What used to be her security net is now a wall, but she is trying to rise above that wall.

Card Three:             Underlying Reasons for Response

The Hierophant - This card offers several possibilities for the querent's difficulties.  One might be her spiritual belief system, either past or present. She might feel that using her intellect instead of her heart is to deny her spirituality. She might be intimidated to speak up for herself because marriage is a sacrament.  Perhaps her relationship is unequal -- she is more like an acolyte than a partner. Conversely, at one point, she might have been the spiritual leader in the relationship and the balance of power is shifting. From this card, I get a sense that there has been a guru-student relationship, but I am not sure who is the guru and who is the student. There is a cosmic and spiritual connection between the two people involved.  They are here to teach each other, but the balance of power needs to be readjusted.  Both of them are drawn to safety/security, and at least one of them is feeling less than certain about himself/herself and his/her foundations. It is also possible that a divergent spiritual path is shifting the power at this time.

Card Four:                The Antidote

Page of Wands, reversed - In these unpleasant interactions, the querent has felt like a child, a child who is seen as headstrong because she has allowed herself to seem as if she's losing her temper.  What has not been seen is that she has held her temper too long, so it bursts out of her, and she's not in control.  She needs to think before she speaks, and she needs to speak before the flames of her temper burn out of control. The key for the querent is to temper her fire with the air of rational forethought.  She needs to see that this is an important step in her spiritual (Wands) evolution. Feeling with the heart of a child is all well and good, but in adult relationships, one must sometimes take wand in hand and fight for one's spiritual rights. She needs to arm herself spiritually and intellectually.  This is not about fighting against her husband, but fighting for herself--her needs, her desires, her dreams. The reversal says to me that this energy is normally easy for the querent to access, but for some reason, her spiritual path is causing a conflict for her.  I'm not sure why, but that Hierophant/Page of Wands rev. combination makes me want to ask what she is--or is not, but should be--rebelling against.  When she has the answer to that question, she'll have her antidote.

Card Five:               The Querent plus the Antidote

Ten of Swords, reversed - This card bears a remarkable similarity to the querent's card (Seven of Swords reversed), but it's a higher number -- more evolved and developed.  Major change has to occur for the querent to have the relationship she wants.  Once she has resolved the issues discussed above, things will come to a head, one way or the other.  What might be holding her back from owning her power is a concern that the relationship will end if she finds a way to fight for herself. That fear of shifting the status quo can be crippling.  But the Ten of Swords insists that the relationship must change.

The querent has chosen to stunt her own growth -- especially in the spiritual/intellectual/psychological realms. The fact that so many reversals appear in the reading indicate a great blockage of power and potential. She will have to move at her own pace, but I sense she is moving inexorably towards change and growth.  It's exciting, but it's scary. Spirituality, as seen in the Page of Wands reversed and the Hierophant, can be her friend and ally, but it must be her present, true spirituality, as opposed to traditional beliefs that are no longer viable or true for her.

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Reading and page 2004 Diane Wilkes