Reading with the Love Tarot by Diane Wilkes

The querent asked for a general reading.

Card One: Person in the Present - The Hierophant

Card Two: Gifts and Assets - The High Priestess

Card Three: Blockages and Obstacles - Justice

The first card speaks to the level of knowledge that the querent has achieved over time.  While he has acquired a level of mastery in his field over his career, he is presently recognizing himself as an authority, someone who has a great deal to share with others.  This may be a time to become a mentor of some kind, or to realize that he has already been acting in that role for some time.  In the past, there may have been a hesitancy in acknowledging his abilities and power, fearing to become "too establishment".  There may have been a belief that power is a corrupter, so the querent chose to avoid any semblance of it.  But this card in this position indicates that he is now ready to accept long-overdue recognition.  There is also a sense that his own sensitivity and spirituality have successfully merged so that he can accept this new authority.

The second card, The High Priestess, also refers to the querent's sensitivity and spirituality.  His gift is that he is very in touch with his feminine side, in terms of hearing/listening as opposed to speaking/acting, as well as looking into his own heart and soul and finding his poetic side.  He is in touch with the natural earth cycles, and looks deep into the cosmos for answers.   If he chose to develop his natural psychic gift, he could possibly achieve even more than he already has.  Being in touch with nature and earth-based beauty is a necessity for his continuing artistic development.

Justice in the position of blockages in obstacles may refer to the querent's difficulty in detaching himself from the things that matter to him.  Fairness may be more important than rational action, and in an ideal world, perhaps that would be effective.  Productivity may suffer when he allows his emotions to rule his actions.  The querent may be conflicted between the rationalism of Justice and the sensitive, poetic lunar feeling of the High Priestess.  Finally, there may be a tendency to weigh things for a long time before acting, losing opportunities because he is too busy internally debating the positives and negatives.

Having both the High Priest and High Priestess show up in the reading speaks to a deep spirituality on the part of the querent.  In the positions in which they fell, they combine to show internal and external spiritual grace and wisdom, as well as authority in these areas.

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Reading and page 2001 Diane Wilkes

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