Tarot Maddonni

This deck is more a collectors deck than a reading deck in my opinion, though it could be used for reading. The art is good. The colors are mostly pastel on a white background. Only the Major Arcana and the Court Cards are illustrated. The Minors are pips consisting of one symbol for the suit with the card number written in each of the four corners. The Majors have the names of the cards on the bottom in both French and English. The scenes on the Majors and Court cards consist primarily of a large central figure with little background scenery or symbolism. The most noticeable feature about the illustrations is the hair. Most of the people in this deck have very stylized hair in copious amounts. The facial features are nicely done and the deck has a happy, somewhat whimsical feel. The Suits are Sticks (Clubs), Swords, Cups and Coins (Money). The name in parenthesis is what is on the card itself where it differs from the name in the booklet. The Court consists of King, Queen, Knight and Knave, though the booklet calls them King, Queen, Cavalier and Jack. This could be a translation error (there are several). The cards measure 2 1/2" X 4 3/4".

The little booklet that comes with the deck is more comprehensive than most. The Major Arcana interpretations are divided into physical and moral meanings. The Minor interpretations also include instructions for reading the card in combination with other cards. Each card is assigned a number in the booklet from 1 to 78, but these numbers do not appear on the cards themselves. The interpretations are very predictive in nature and rather remind one of the interpretations supplied for the Grand Etteilla. Here is a sample:

Three of Sticks
New and bold ideas are the qualities given by this card that leads to success in work.
With V: The innovator or inventor need not worry. His idea will be realized.
With 39: Unexpected help.
With 44: Struggle does not stop you and eventually you triumph over people who can not look ahead.

I recommend this deck primarily for collectors, or for those looking for a whimsical change of pace.

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Tarot Maddonni
Published by Grimaud
France Cartes
49 rue Alexandre 1er_BP 49
54130 Saint Max _ Tel


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