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I have been seeing this deck in lot's of stores with it's big plastic box,
so I bought it on a whim. I should have went to the store with open decks and looked at it first. This deck is based very heavily on Thoth. It's art work is somewhat unappealing. Most pictures with people on them show only a face and all the faces are extremely long and thin with hollow cheek bones. The cards themselves are on a more playing card like stock than most. Very slick and thin. While the people on the majors lack full bodies, there is a lot of symbolism on each card, including the Hebrew letter, it's tree of life attribution from kaballah, the astrological symbol and the planet. The Golden Dawn name is also included,
for example Adjustment is also Daughter of the Flaming
Sword. The majors are colored using the colors attributed to the Tree of Life as well, so the Hermit for example is a yellowish green. Each Minor has it's name from the Golden Dawn as well so the Ace of Wand is the Root of the Powers of Fire and so on. The same for the Tree of life correspondence, planet etc. The Minor picture is primarily taken up by the alchemical sign for the suit: upright triangle for fire, downward for water. They are also colored
accordingly - red for wands, blue for cups. At the bottom of most of the
minors however, there is usually a small picture. Some of these are really
quite pretty, though they are not the usual scenes depicted on minor cards.
The Court cards follow Thoth, Knight, Prince, Princess and Queen.
The deck comes with a book, which is quite good actually. It
explains the imagery on the cards and gives interpretations on a Moral Level,
mental level and material level, both upright and reversed. there are a few
spreads and a brief explanation of the kaballah.
This is a deck primarily for collectors, or those who are interested
in Crowley, the Golden Dawn and Magick.

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