mail4.jpg (13186 bytes)The Mail Artists' Tarot Deck 1998
Collector's Limited Edition

A Mail Art Project  realized by K. Frank Jensen

Mail Art is art done on pieces of mail. Calls are placed for art with a certain theme and the entries are compiled and documented. The Mail Artists' Tarot Deck is the result of two such calls. It consists of the work of 33 different artists from around the world. The deck is a Major Arcana only deck with a twist - you get three versions of each Major Arcana card for a total of 66 cards. The styles vary, but primarily consist of collage and drawings/paintings. There is some nudity.mail3.jpg (14505 bytes)

This deck is a collectors' limited edition of 25 decks. The cards are printed on heavy, black card stock. They measure 2 3/4" X 5 1/8". The deck comes in a two piece box with a little booklet that describes the project and shows color pictures of all 66 cards. Each deck is signed and numbered. The entire product is of extremely high quality.

This deck can be purchased from the coordinator, K. Frank Jensen. The price is $170.00 USD, including shipping and handling. 

Mail Artists' Tarot Deck
Collector's Limited Edition
K. Frank Jensen
Sankt Hansgade 20
DK 4000
Roskilde Denmark


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