Cronebody Reading with the Initiatory Tarot of the Masters by Diane Wilkes

The querent asked about her relationship with her significant other, wanting to know how they could continue to improve their marriage. I used Ellen Lorenzi-Prince's Cronebody Spread.

Bones: Le Maitre de Lumiere (Master of Light) - IX

The structure of the querent's being is that she is a person who needs lone time, needs it badly in order to be a light bringer. The LWB says this card is "the most powerful key" in the deck. 

You can't really tell it from the scans, but the gold and other colors seem painted on the cards. The torch that the Master of Light holds up to the universe is radiating and scattering little gold luminaries to the world. But in order for her to be able to disseminate all the gold within her, she must have her private moments with nature and time and all of the mysteries she seeks. This means carving out time away from her family.

The depiction on this card has a lot in common with our traditional Fool. Note the purple (spirit)-cloaked individual stands on a cliff-like mound of earth, and his one foot is winged and poised at the precipice. She is caught between her desire to leap into the void and the equal desire to cement herself into the wisdom and mysteries that can only come from groundedness and stability. 

Virgo is the G.D. ruler of this card, and also the querent's sign. Yet I also got a sense that perhaps there is a Hermit/loner quality to the querent's spouse as well. And that his need for solitude can appear just when she is looking for companionship and vice-versa. 

So the structure speaks to the querent supporting the Hermit/Master of Light in both herself and her spouse and finding a way to harmoniously blend their light. Not compromise, but something more magickal--Temperance, maybe, is called for.

There's also an expanse of sea in the background. I suggested that the querent and her husband might want to spend time in or by water.

The querent's spiritual cloak is dramatic and casts many shadows, contains many folds. She needs to be encloaked in spirit in order to be true to her own structure. How that works within relationship is something she will have to uncover (to continue the cloak metaphor), but the torch she carries is fire, which gives me hope that she will find a way to engage her passion and find that spiritual solitude she needs so much.

Flesh: The Master of Choice - VI

The Lovers seems like such an obvious choice (and I use the word guardedly) for this position, yet this Lovers card is atypical and speaks less to the loverlike qualities seen in other decks. Even the name is changed to reflect the emphasis on choice and duality.

Surroundings and intimate relationships can cause real divisions in/for the querent. Look at the card, with its black and white floor, and the robe, shoes, and books of red/blue. Even the individual's hair is half-black, half-white. Opposites, opposites everywhere. Dichotomies abound in this card, leading me to think that it's a challenge for the querent to be in relationship, because she's seeking what isn't there, and a challenge for her to be alone, because she's still seeking what isn't there. What's a Master of Choice to do?

There are two solutions held within the card. The first is obvious--it's the angel of inspiration, breathing fire and movement into the being. If the querent follows her passions and reminds herself that she has chosen to do so because her passion is engaged, she could feel angelically inspired, and when you feel inspired, you have less longings to look elsewhere for your contentment. The angel is white--purity. The querent needs to keep her stream of consciousness uncluttered; recognize and remove any debris.

The second solution is a bit more obscure. Look to the bottom right hand corner and you'll see two hands embracing, one red, one blue. I advised the querent to marry her passions with her husband's whenever possible. Feed the red fire with the calming blue emotions. Work together with herself and find ways to get her opposite leanings to collaborate, but never completely merge. They can't, and trying to get them to would only lead to frustration. When inspiration strikes, she needs to follow the call, or she will not be the master of choice, but its dissolute mistress, eating bon-bons and bemoaning what she doesn't have.

Blood: Le Passage - XIII

What makes the querent charged and juiced is transformation, movement into the underworld and all the experiences found therein. She literally dries up without these midnight passages of the soul. She seeks complete immersion and change--nothing less. And she can't be without this.

How this impacts her and her partner I cannot begin to guess. 

I find the card and what it stands for powerful, stark and striking, but it's not my identity. Her partner needs to recognize these qualities within her and find a way to accept them, or she will never be able to be her true self in the relationship.

Breath: Le Chevalier Baucens - I

Here again we see a card pick up something from an earlier card. This Magician is a knight, carrying that black and white banner with the lemniscate at its center. Here we see the colors of the Master of Choice being borne into battle, but that lemniscate speaks to infinity. It makes our choices easier when we move ahead fearlessly, knowing that our time is brief but our actions can write their words in the sands of infinity.

He is also wearing the blues and reds, yet his blue cap and epaulets give a slight advantage to a cooling azure peace. How to traverse the web of life? By moving with intent into the breach, knowing she might trammel one of the roses in her path as she goes forward. Action and intent are necessary choices if she is to have choices at all.

These diametric colors--I wondered if they were the querent and her spouse.  If they were, it is in the querent's power (intent and action again) to carry their mutual colors bound together into battle and infinity or smash them underfoot.

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