Reading with the Mary-el Tarot by Diane Wilkes

The querent wanted a general reading, so I used my favorite three-card spread.

Card One: the querent's present situation - The Lovers

Passion and love are clearly indicated in this image, as well as the question of choice, blessed by a fiery red angel whose wings envelop and embrace the three central figures on this card.  I perceive the querent as being swept away by his own passions.  There is great sensuality in this image, and a feeling of someone giving himself up to the fires surrounding him.  There is movement and drama, as well as some polarities that are being stressed at this time.  Both choices have great power and pull, and the querent may sometimes have difficulty distinguishing between the two.  Whichever choice he makes, he is blessed and embraced.  Right now it is time for him to ride the red wave, safe in that knowledge.

Card Two: the assets and gifts of the querent - The Hermit

The querent has long followed his own path and sought his own inner light.  He moves with the energy of one who embraces and follows the dictates of his unique internal wisdom.  This enables him to see clearly, even when he feels that his view is muddied and unclear.  One thing he can count on is that he knows his own heart, his own compass; his discernment comes from deep within.  At the same time, it is hard to be immersed in passion when one is so self-defined.  The querent has spent much time in solitude, and it is difficult for him to join into intimacy, as his intimacy with his self is so potent and true.  In this way, his strengths can also be weaknesses, particularly in the arena of relationships.  He needs to honor his sense of himself as well as his desires for interaction and intimacy with others.

card 3: the blockages and obstacles of the querent - Death

This particular Death card depicts the crone, both fearsome and welcoming, wise and inexorable.  The combination of these cards makes me think that the querent is very concerned with issues of age and aging, death and immortality. His wisdom and inability to lie to himself demand that he rid himself of romantic illusions and delusions.  This is a gift and a curse.  Naked truth is hard to cozy up to.  Relationships often last because of the gauze coating radiated by loving eyes.  This querent sees things clearly, sometimes too clearly. He is caught up in his own vision of eternity, but it's an eternity seen through the eyes of clarity.  Perhaps he is taking life too seriously; on the other hand, perhaps life is too serious, especially now.  The querent's challenge is to distinguish between life right now and Life.

All of these cards point to an inner integrity and choosing well.  The querent would do well to ride the red wave of his emotions with the confidence that his inner compass will always point to True North.

Images copyright 2003 Marie White
Reading and page copyright 2003 Diane Wilkes