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The Motherpeace tarot deck is very different from most Tarot decks, but
similar enough to still be a Tarot deck. The deck is round and rather large.
The art is not "professional". It looks like it was drawn by children, though
it is not childish. The suits are Swords, Cups, Disks and Wands. The Court
cards are Daughters, Sons, Priestesses and Shamans, though Shamans can be
either male or female. There are few male images in the Minors apart from the
Sons and Shamans. This is one of the first "feminist" decks. The creators
both practice Goddess oriented religions. The deck is multicultural and shows
people from all races and ages. The use of color is excellent. The colors
are bright and vibrant and match the suits well. The Wands are predominately
red and increase in intensity as you go through the suit. Swords are mostly
yellows, Cups are blues and greens, and Disks are earth tones. The pictures on
the minors are very different from the Rider deck, but generally convey the
same ideas. If you can read the Rider deck, the adjustment to this deck will
be slight. The Majors are a little different. The Hermit has been replaced
by The Crone though the meaning is basically the same. Justice and Strength
are cards 8 and 11 respectively, like the Thoth deck. This deck is less
violennt than most - no bloody bodies in the swords, yet there are still
negative cards. I find this deck peaceful and soothing. There is ample
symbolism in the pictures to aid in interpretation and the fact that the
people and scenes are of ordinary people from primative rather than medieval
cultures help the deck speak to you on a more basic level. There is book for
this deck "Motherpeace, A Way to the Goddess through Myth, Art and Tarot"
which explains the philosophy behind the deck and gives detailed descriptions
and interpretations for the cards. It is useful for gaining insight to the
artists points of view, but I found the strong feminist slant to be a
distraction. Get it if you are interested. I feel you could also use any
generic book for this deck such as "Choice Centered Tarot" and do well. Mary
Greer features the deck in her books as well. The graphics lend themselves to
a very wide range of interpretations and are great for meditation and self

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If you would like to purchase this deck/book set, click here.

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Motherpeace Tarot Deck
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