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This deck is by the prolific Tarot artist, Osvaldo Menegazzi. It is from a limited edition of 2000 decks. Like all of Menegazzi's work it is well thought out and beautifully executed. The deck depicts scenes from the world of music. Operas, symphonies, composers, even Gregorian chants (the Hierophant)  are represented. The art is excellent. The cards measure 4 3/3" X 2 5/16". The cards are coated on the front only, with a high gloss coating. The backs are plain, pale green cardboard. The cardboard is rather stiff and probably will not shuffle well. It looks as though it will bend and fold, vice shuffle. I don't plan to use my deck as a test platform for this theory.

The Major Arcana have the card name in the bottom border in Italian. The card number is a  large roman numeral in the upper left corner. The scenes are fairly simple, but well detailed and beautifully colored. The musical correspondences are written rather unobtrusively on the sides of the scene. I am not familiar enough with classical music and opera to comment on Menegazzi's correspondences so I will list them here and you can come to your own conclusions:

il Matto la Giustizia - Simon Boccanegra, G. Verdi il Diavolo - Mefistofele, A. Boito
il Bagatto - Rigoletto, G. Verdi l'Eremita - Notturno, Chopin la Torre - Il Trovatore, G. Verdi
la Papessa - Semiramide, G. Rossini la Fortuna - Carmina  Burana, Orff le Stelle - Otello, G. Verdi
l'Imperatrice -  Turandot, G. Puccini La Forza - Tritano e Isotta di Wagner la Luna - Notturno, E. Schubert
l'Imperatore - Don Carlos, G. Verdi l'Appeso - La Passione secondo Matteo, J.S. Back il Sole - Aida, G. Verdi
il papa - Canti Gregoriani la Morte - Messa da Requiem, G. Verdi L'Angelo - il Lago dei cigni, Ciakowski
gli Amanti - Romeo e Guilietta, Hector Berlioz la Temperanza - Tancredi e Clorinda, Monteverdi il Mondo - Crisforor Colombo, J. Offenbach
il Carro - Battaglia di Legnano, G. Verdi    

The suits  are coppe (cups), denari (pentacles/coins), spade (swords) and bastoni (wands). Each suit is also represented by an instrument - a horn for cups; a violin for pentacles; a lute for swords and a brass horn for wands. The court consist of a Page, Knight, Queen and King - all in Italian. The Kings depict famous opera houses and music theaters. The Minors are pips with the exception of the Ace. Each Ace shows a famous composer - Beethoven for Cups, Verdi for Pentacles, Bach for Swords and Paganini for Wands. The pips show the card number and symbol in the upper left corner and depict a large instrument in the remainder of the card with the instruments name in the right side inner border. The Swords also have Menegazzi's company name on the bottom of each card.

The little booklet that comes with the deck is a small fold-out sheet. It is written in Italian and seems to be generic, vice written specifically for this deck. I could not make out any mention of music, instruments or composers. It is beautifully packaged in a sleeve that slides into a book cover that is tied with ribbon. The package looks like a small book with the title on the spine in gold and a card on the cover for illustration. The title card  is numbered and states that the deck was done in consultation with Paola Maino and collaboration with Giovannino Scarsato.

I recommend this deck for collectors and music lovers. My deck is numbered 1969 of 2000. That tells me that there aren't too many left. I got this one at Alidas.

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Tarocco della Musica
Osvaldo Menegazzi

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