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The front of the box for this deck proclaims: "Prediction made easy by the world's best known fortune teller, Mystic Meg." Personally, I have never heard of Meg, but this deck is from the U.K. and apparently she is well known over there. I had heard about this deck before I bought it. People were ordering it from bookstores in the U.K. and a friend who tried to order it at Borders was told that they couldn't get it. I was therefore happily surprised to see it on top of the Tarot cabinet in my local Borders bookstore. The cards measure 2 3/4" X 4 5/8". The art is excellent. It was done by Caroline Smith, artist/creator of the Elemental Tarot Deck. A few of the Major Arcana have been renamed:

  • 0 - The Beginning
  • 5 - High Priest
  • 12 - Self Sacrifice
  • 13 - Changing
  • 15 - Temptation

This deck reminds me of one I cut out from a Young Modern magazine that had been sanitized by removing the Death and Devil Cards. Justice is eight and Strength is 11. The suits are named for the elements. The Court consists of King, Queen, Prince and Princess. The Major Arcana have an arched area where the scene is drawn. This is surrounded by a white inner border that has the card number in the upper left and the associated astrological glyph and elemental symbol in the upper right. The card name is in a blue border in the bottom of the scene. The white inner border is surrounded by a yellow border. Smith's art is highly stylized and colored with bright pastels. The Court cards are also nicely done. The numbered cards are pips with the requisite number of symbols on a pale background. The suit symbols are nicely done with a torch for Fire, a water fountain for Water, a tree for Earth and birds for Air. I think Ms. Smith's use of color proved challenging for the printers. My deck has what appears to be ink runs or smudges on the Lovers card and on the Star. The backs are purple and have Mystic Meg's initials on either side of an open eye.

The book that comes with the deck is written in a simplistic style that focuses on fortune telling. Each card has interpretations for four areas: Love, Life, Luck and Cosmic Counsel. Mystic Meg's advice on reversed cards is: "When a card is reversed, this does dilute the meaning a little, but does not change or darken the meaning." She also states that as you gain experience, " will soon start picking up a wealth of information and insights from the images on the cards." I personally do not gain much insight from looking at four birds vice five birds myself, but no doubt that is a lack on my part. The description for each card begins with a brief meaning. It is obvious that these are drawn mostly from the traditional tarot. This is followed by four lengthier sections that apply to specific areas. The section on "Love" is usually the longest for each card. This is probably due to the emphasis on fortune telling and the fact that many people go to fortune tellers with questions about their love life. The "Life" section is more general, though a lot of what is here is based on Mystic Meg's own experience rather than on more traditional sources. The "Luck" section is pure fortune telling. Here you find your lucky number and sage advice like, "A broken household object brings a cash bonus, but beware of throwing out a prize ticket - this card indicates a holiday win that is almost overlooked." This was attributed to the Self Sacrifice card (Hanged Man). The "Cosmic Counsel" section is basically an affirmation. There are three spreads described - two three card spreads and what the author calls the Twelve Card Life Spread. This is really an astrological spread using the twelve houses and a personal card. The book is nicely illustrated and that is its best feature. The long idiosyncratic meanings, coupled with pips that are not evocative suggest a long learning curve.

I recommend this deck for collectors and for those who like Ms. Smith's art. Aside from that, there isn't much to recommend this deck. To add insult to injury, the cards are encased in a Styrofoam well with a space for the book. This slides into a cardboard box. There is no bottom to the well, so if you are not careful when you open the box, you may find the cards spilling out of the bottom of the well .

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Mystic Tarot
ISBN: 1-85868-719-5
Publisher: Carlton


Sexual desire, money and power-lust - the strongest of instincts lie at this card's roots. And the chained figures of a man and a woman show how hard it can be to break free. This card represents the facing of a difficult truth, a key choice that could easily tempt you in the wrong direction. but cool headed Capricorn is also in the mix to offer self-control and the determination to find a better way of living.

Love Reading

Despite this card's fearsome face, there is a positive message coming through. In a relationship, a period of darkness is now going to let in some light, and there is a promise of loving reconciliation between two powerfully opposed characters or perhaps families.

    There is a strong indication of fertility here, too, especially if a couple have been trying for a child without success. And a relationship is about to become more practical, perhaps through starting a home together, or merging home and work jointly.

    This card also indicates sudden unexpected physical attraction. Yes, this can be between established partners, who suddenly find new ways of showing passion, providing pleasure and diving deeper into exploring love instead of staying safely on the surface. But this desire can be an outside threat that overwhelms one partner, too, and can put a relationship in peril without some honest talking.

    If your heart is free at the moment, this card signals an exciting new sexual encounter, one that could awaken someone physically for the first time. Trust your instincts when you meet someone truly hypnotic and irresistible. The danger lies in letting your heart rule your head and in missing signs of desire used as a controlling force, rather than a shared pleasure.

Life Reading

    Yes, it's tempting to think about using information at work to get back at an old enemy. But resisting this is what will get you noticed, and could lead to a promotion or a pat on the back that is indicated by this card. The signs are that you will feel torn between your own ambition and someone else's - beware of success clouding your conscience and leading to less-than-honest use of other's ideas. 

    Your home life will be influenced by an older, wealthier person - but remember that a long term loan or other hand out may have more strings attached than you really want. You do have the strength to reach a goal alone - don't be tempted to compromise.

    Part of a family that's been in the shadow comes into the light again. This may lead to difficult times, but you will learn so much about living and loving. Accepting demanding responsibilities is one choice - trying to break free is another. You can defeat a habit that's almost become an obsession - perhaps linked to food, drink or exercise. And doing so will help your health all round.

Luck Reading

Specialist knowledge of an unusual subject sets you on a winning streak. And the number 15 and a carved wooden figure of a child are linked, too, in lucky ways. Fortune flies from a phone call.

Cosmic Counsel

When temptation strikes, remember this message: "I can have whatever I want, but am I prepared to pay the very high price?"

Images Copyright 1997 Caroline Smith

Text Copyright 1997 Mystic Meg Ltd.


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