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This is a re-done version of the Tarot of the Sphinx by Lo Scarabeo. Since it is a remake, I will not go into details about card size, suits, style etc, since those facts can be read in the review for Tarot of the Sphinx. Nefertari's Tarots' stated goal is to "…repropose the atmosphere and the symbology so loved by Nefertari, Light of Egypt and symbol of the most beautiful aspects of this civilization." The major differences between this deck and its previous incarnation are that the images are reversed and the backgrounds on the Nefertari cards are gold foil. My scanner had difficulty with the foil and the scans do not do this deck justice. The borders on the Nefertari are black, vice blue. The characters and objects that make up the scenes stand in slight bas-relief from the backgrounds. The effect is quite beautiful and the deck has a luxurious look and feel. One card, the Knight of Wands, also has metallic blue foil accents. I don’t know why this was only used on one card, as there is a lot of blue in this deck, and several other cards could have been done this way to good effect. But even without that, this deck will knock your socks off. The backs are different from the Tarot of the Sphinx and they are reversible. Apparently, the process used to stamp the gold foil has resulted in the outlines of the images being slightly visible from the back. However, you usually have to examine the card somewhat closely to determine what it is. I doubt it will distract from the shuffling and dealing process. 

The little booklet that comes with this deck is only slightly different from Tarot of the Sphinx. It provides a small amount of background information on Nefertari, vice general information on Egypt and has a six card spread vice the seven card spread in the booklet for Tarot of the Sphinx. The card meanings are identical in both booklets.

I recommend this deck for anyone who likes Egyptian style art. People are often hesitant about using decks with metallic accents because they are generally expensive and fragile. This deck is reasonably priced. It is approximately twice the price of Tarot of the Sphinx, so you could use it, wear it out and replace it, without having to mortgage your house.

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If you would like to purchase this deck, click here.

Tarot of Nefertari
Publisher: Lo Scarabeo/Distributed by Llewellyn Publishing
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