Nigel Jackson Tarot - Review by Connie Walters

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The Nigel Jackson Tarot is a new deck that has just been published by Llewellyn this month.  It is an enchantingly beautiful deck that has been created by a true artist, Nigel Jackson.  Barbara Wright, Submissions Editor at Llewellyn," describes Nigel as an artist from the northwest of England, who is, "gentle, humble and very learned."  She says, "His spirit is beautiful and these cards are a direct expression of that beauty."   I would have to agree with her! 

One thing I want to share with you all: Barbara got to see and hold the original cards! She described the experience in this way: "Holding the originals, when they arrived from England, was like holding little treasures."  One of the most interesting things about this deck is that the cards were drawn in their present size! They are watercolors! Can you imagine having the talent to be able to do such intricate work with such a difficult medium? I was blown away when I heard that! I like to draw myself.   I'm trying to do my own deck right now and I don't know how he did this. 

This is a full 78 card tarot deck done in the Waite Tradition, with Mr. Jackson's own style infused into it, of course. The only thing that's a little confusing at first glance is that the suit of Wands is called Staves in this deck. I've seen others use the term Staves, but these Staves are arrows.  Again, at first glance you get a little confused by the swords and the arrows.  It's no big deal really, but I thought I'd mention it.

The most intriguing thing about this deck are the beautiful colors.  Nigel has mixed up some unusually wonderful colors. And again, since these are watercolors, I don't know how he kept the colors consistent from one card to another. In particular, the violet hue in the suit of Swords is magnificent!   Jackson's artist talent shines though on each card. 

The meanings of the cards are very clear, with symbolism that is easy to identify. I would use this deck when reading for others who don't have much knowledge of tarot, because I find the Nigel Jackson Tarot very user-friendly, not intimidating, much like the way the Hansen-Roberts deck is accessible and not intimidating. 

I do believe this will become a standard deck used by tarot readers,  and will become an international favorite as well.   It's a must for every collector and reader!

Last but not least, I do believe you will like the handy packaging.  The book and deck come together in a nice,compact box.  It's a very attractive set, in every sense of the word..

If you would like to purchase the mini-book/deck kit, click here.

Nigel Jackson Tarot - Llewellyn Publishing
ISBN # 1-56718-365-4.

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Connie Walters has been reading and studying the tarot for 15 years. She is a Certified Professional Tarot Reader with the American Tarot Association (ATA) and is working towards certification as a Tarot Master. She has read tarot professionally for many years, and has also taught tarot classes. She is also an amateur astrologer and has studied numerology. Connie has begun work on a tarot deck of her own, and has created several cards for collaborative decks.


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