The Nigel Jackson Tarot - Review by Elizabeth Hazel

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I actually went into a bookstore today - the few shillings I had were burning a hole in my pocket and I was absolutely starving for some new books. I got a book on techniques with progressions - this is not light reading! And a new Astrological Daily Planner, which I should have bought months ago and was getting desperate for at this late stage of the year.

Looked over their collection of cards - not too much special or new, but I did notice a few copies of the new Nigel Jackson Tarot (Llewellyn, 2000).  Since I haven't bought a new deck for several months, I got the deck/book set.

It was helpful to have more than a few pictures of the cards on the package, because I felt like I had a better idea of what to expect without a sample deck available.

The package was very nice, and the LWB has expanded into a book-lite. It is pretty well written, too - not your average LWB. Jackson goes into the Pythagorean numerology behind the tarot, and seems to use the Hermetic correspondence system that was common in the pre-GD decks.

The deck is refreshing, and the art work immediately reminded me of Maurice Sendak's Where the Wild Things Are. The artistic style is similar to Sendak's, and a bit like the Maddoni deck, too. The deck is not a strict RWS clone. Jackson does some new things with both the trumps and the pips which I liked very much. The cards are printed on nice quality stock paper, too (a relief at $25.00 for the set).

The swords are the fire element suit, and the wands (arrows) are the air suit, which I find a bit disconcerting, but overall, a pretty nice new deck that is very readable with a decent accompanying book-lite.

I also got a very favorable impression of the deck when my first spread with the cards was filled with optimistic cards. There were plenty of money cards, which I always interpret in a first reading with a deck, as "Take me
out and make money with me - I'll be a profitable deck to have around.  "Could this be a case of a deck kissing up? Could this be a case of tarot flattery so I'll use them often? I may never know, but I did think the deck was pretty.

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If you would like to purchase the mini-book/deck kit, click here.

Nigel Jackson Tarot
Nigel Jackson
Publisher: Llewellyn
ISBN: 1-56718-365-4

Elizabeth Hazel is a professional astrologer, tarotist, and rune-reader. She has been studying the tarot since the early 70's, and has an unusual collection of decks acquired through her travels in Europe. Her other interests include alchemy, history, and multi-cultural mythologies. She has been published in a variety of magazines and web-sites, and regularly attends tarot conferences. Her specialty is blending tarot and astrology. She has worked as a professional musician, performing in a variety of bands, theatrical productions, and as soloist and conductor. Her original rock opera, produced in 1990, received the "Community Impact Award" from the Arts Council of Greater Toledo. She has received awards for her original compositions and for art work. In 1995, Elizabeth began work on "The Vala Tarot".  It is now complete, and she is currently seeking a publisher for the deck.

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