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This deck is very Pagan in feel. The art is excellent with deep colors used judiciously, silver accents and lots of detail. The cards have a 3 sided border with the top left open which gives a sky effect to the cards. There is plenty of symbolism, again Pagan in origin. The Magician is the Horned God, The Empress is pregnant and breast feeding an infant, and there are a lot of animals, lush greenery and verdant fields, and herbs which should be identifiable to those who are familiar with such things.
The cards are fairly close in interpretation to the Waite-Smith, though the scenes have been reinterpreted to portray similar meanings. There have been some changes in the Major Arcana, specifically:
Hierophant = The High Priest
Chariot = Mastery
Hermit = The Wise One (though he looks like the traditional Hermit, lantern, staff and all)
Hanged Man = The Lone Man (he still hangs upside down from one foot and is dressed as a court jester)
Death = The Close
Temperance = The Guide
Devil = Temptation
Moon = Illusion
Judgment = Karma.
The suits are Rods, Cauldrons, Swords and Pentacles and the court cards are King, Queen, Knight and Page.
The deck was designed by a coven of 8 witches with several prominent Pagans as advisors including Margot Adler, and the Farrars. There is plenty of symbolism: astrological, elemental and esoteric. The booklet is the usual fare, small and skimpy, providing a divinatory meaning and a reversed meaning. The only spread given is the Celtic Cross. I thought I had the book to this deck as well, but found I did not. I will have to correct that deficiency soon. This deck is definitely recommended for those following a Pagan path and is beautiful enough to be enjoyed by those who aren't. It is published by AGMuller and is available from U.S. Games Systems.
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If you would like to purchase the companion book, click here.

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