I.S.E.E. Reading with the Tarot de Paris by Diane Wilkes

This spread is designed to assist in garnering career-related insights. The querent is presently deciding whether to focus on positions in her field or branch out into other areas.

Card One: Integrity (Creative Power - Conscience) - XIII - The Crossing (Death)

The querent has always had the highest standards of personal integrity, and they pervade her decision-making process. Recent events have made her totally rethink her position in both her family and job situations, and seeing past patterns has caused her to review her internal code of ethics. Betrayals in both venues have made her question her judgement. This transformation is impacting her creative power and vision of integrity, causing her to alter past behaviors of servitude that have been personally harmful. She knows the truest form of integrity is doing everything she can to shine within her own personal light of power and strength. 

Maya Angelou says, "When people show you who they are, believe them." The querent has not seen the people around her as they really are, even though they have shown themselves repeatedly. Now that she has had no choice but to see these people for who they are, there is no going back. Career sacrifices she has made in the past are seen with a clarity that bodes well for the querent to seek a career that will be more in harmony with her talents and work habits.

Card Two: Service (Creative Power - Compassion) - Spirit of Fire (Page of Wands)

The querent is an idealist who wants to help others. Any future position will involve assisting others in matters of "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." She enjoys fighting for the underdog, and will do well in any position in which she feels she is doing just that. She tends to fight more fiercely for others than herself. 

She also requires a degree of recognition for those labors, a recognition she has avoided in the past because she felt herself to be at an advantage over others due to her intellectual acuity. The hard facts indicate that this "advantage" has allowed others to move ahead while she comforted herself with the facts of her integrity. Since this card is a Spirit (Page), it may mean that she will start at a beginning level, but her enthusiasm will help her leap ahead quickly, as long as she feels truly inspired by the job. The key here is that she feels free to unleash all her powers of intellect and creativity and enthusiasm in any endeavor.

Card Three: Enjoyment (Creative Power - Talent) - Eight of Water (Eight of Cups)

The Tarot de Paris version of this card shows a man deeply engrossed in his thoughts. The querent, as mentioned earlier, has been disenchanted with some familial relationships and this card speaks to the natural regret and intense disappointment she is living with at present. This sadness may cause her to move away from her family, but that could ultimately allow her to gain employment more suitable to her gifts--and also develop new friendships and relationships that don't disappoint her. This card indicates the querent has a lot of love and affection to give, and should not waste those positive emotions on those who don't value that love.

It also speaks to the importance of relationships in a working environment. She needs to seek and only accept employment with individuals who she will enjoy working with, those who will not be threatened by her intelligence and creativity.

Card Four: Excellence (Creative Power - Destiny) - Stallion of Water (Knight of Cups)

Another Water (Cups) card speaks to the importance of the querent's emotions in this exploration of her career, and is a combination of the fire (Spirit of Fire) and emotion (Eight of Cups) of the last two cards. The querent is at her best when she is fighting for her ideals with like-minded individuals she can respect and enjoy. She will shine in an atmosphere where integrity and intelligence are valued and rewarded. She needs an environment where she can learn from others, in addition to teaching by example. And she needs a certain degree of freedom (this is echoed in the Spirit of Fire drawn in the second position of this spread), a certain ability to ride untrammeled. Speaking of riding, there is also the aspect of the journey. Travel would be a perquisite for the querent.

Others recognize her ability to communicate effectively and reach people on a visceral emotional level. She is an excellent judge of character when her heart is not confused by her emotions. She is also someone who draws emotional loyalty out of people who normally have little loyalty to give.

Lastly, this card is often related to the Grail Knight. She needs a mission she can believe in and feel is of value. Working in a position that does not offer this will cause her great emotional frustration.

Interestingly, there are no Air or Matter cards to be found in this reading. Money is not a priority, even though the querent is interested in becoming more financially stable. The missing air says that emotional satisfaction in doing a job that will meet the querent's ideals is more important to her than anything, even intellectual stimulation.

The four cards here all seem to be related octaves in this querent's individual song. The last note, the Stallion of Water, seems a combination of the Spirit of Fire and the Eight of Water. All roads away need to lead to freedom and an emotional resonance the querent has lacked in the past. Two court cards out of four cards altogether indicate that the querent needs to remember the need for growth and positive relationships.

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Reading and page 2002 Diane Wilkes
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