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This is a Major Arcana-only deck that has pets as its theme. It is a collage deck that looks as if it was done on a computer, vice cutting and pasting by hand. The cards are larger than average at 3 3/4" X 5 1/4". The images combine animals and other objects in an imaginative way designed to illustrate the card meaning. For example, the Tower shows the traditional lightning-struck building with a cat and Doberman Pinscher running towards you with teeth bared in either anger or fear. The only human being in the deck is a little girl on the Fool. This deck includes many different types of pets, not just your typical cats and dogs. The Magician is a rabbit; the High Priestess is a Persian cat; and the Empress is a pot bellied pig with piglets. The Emperor is a frog and the Hierophant is an Iguana. Some of the pets are just what you would expect - the Chariot is a horse and the Hermit is a Hermit Crab. The card number is in the top of the image and the card name is in the bottom border. I think that Strength was meant to be card number eight, but it seems that Strength and the Hermit somehow got reversed, so the Hermit is card eight and Strength is card nine. The backs are not reversible.

There is no little booklet  with this deck. There is a folded 8 1/2" X 11" sheet with upright and reversed meanings and instructions for the Celtic Cross Spread. I recommend this deck for animal lovers and collectors.

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The Pet Tarot
ISBN: 0-9673582-3-X
Publisher: Mysticeye 6553 N. Campbell, Chicago IL 60645 (773)262-2805

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