Piatnik Wein (Piatnik/Pointner) Tarot

This deck is more a collector's deck than anything else. It features very bright colors and somewhat primitive art. Stuart Kaplan states in his Encyclopedia of Tarot: "The Major Arcana cards contain graffiti designs with ornate decorations throughout the pictures on each card." I guess "graffiti" describes the style as well as anything else. The art is simple, but what the artist lacks in detail, is made up for by color--riotous, intense color. Reds, blues, purples, golds, and greens leave no space on the card untouched. The images go to the edge of the cards. Even the borders are bright and colorful. The card titles are in French, but they are the traditional names for both the Major and Minor Arcana. The Fool is unnumbered, Justice is VIII and Strength is XI. Disks are bordered in blue, Swords in yellow, Cups in Green and Wands in blue. Each card is also numbered in sequence, i.e. the King of Cups is numbered 23, Queen 24 etc. The cards are on a heavy card stock that is not amenable to shuffling. This is a swooshing deck.

The little booklet that comes with this deck is unextraordinary. It provides a brief background on the Tarot with a small amount of historical information. This is followed by descriptions of the Major Arcana accompanied by a short divinatory interpretation (upright only). Instructions for laying out a nine card, square spread follow. The Minor Arcana Interpretations consist of a short section describing the suit, followed by a small chart with short divinatory interpretations (positive and negative). The interpretations are not Golden Dawn based and are highly predictive in nature.

I recommend this deck for collectors. The art style is quite different from the norm, and the simple drawings and profusion of colors make it a pleasant addition to one's collection.

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Piatnik Wein Nr. 2825

Images Copyright, 1974 Rudolph Pointner

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