Reading with the Stories of the Wild Spirit Tarot by Diane Wilkes

The querent asked for a general reading.

Card One: Person in the Present - Seven of Earth (Pentacles) - The Journey

The querent is walking a challenging path at present. She is in the process of simplifying her life, determining what the bare-bones necessities are for her to make her way. The querent feels rather alone, fragile, and vulnerable as she continues to walk forward, constructing a better life for herself, but she is determined to keep moving towards her goals. She is one of the first in her family to attend college, and is an adult student working full time, in comparison to her younger, less responsibility-laden classmates. She doesn't allow her situation to make her bitter, though she is very aware of the situational differences. She is focused and directed; her "eyes are on the prize."

Card Two: Gifts, Attributes, and Assets - Lord of the Wild (The Emperor)

The querent is blessed with leadership abilities and a high energy level. Her lust for life enables her to accomplish a great deal, and handle her challenges with aplomb. She feels responsible for others in her life, and this makes the journey all the more challenging. Others see and rely on her strength. Her vitality and sense of responsibility give her strong shoulders to bear so many burdens, even when they weigh rather heavily. Her sense of ethics requires her to take power responsibly; she does not take advantage or manipulate those who are in her debt. As she grows older and more confident, she is able to assert herself more and draw boundaries better. She recognizes her own worth more and capitalizes on it more freely.

Card Three: Blockages and Obstacles - Six of Earth (Pentacles)

The querent has a tendency to repeat the same pattern again and again, even when it no longer serves her. She remains in relationships that don't fulfill her needs because she is more comfortable putting up with maltreatment with which she is familiar than she is in being alone. She focuses on the positives which do exist and ignores or denies the negatives that wound her soul. This denial impacts her health on all levels: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. While it's good to concentrate on positives, since this approach helps her to move ahead when others would fall behind in despair, she puts herself in danger when she ignores her own most basic needs. 

The three cards form a kind of Earth Oreo cookie, with a "Strong Spirit" filling in the center. The querent's motivation, fiery energy, and willingness to lead keeps her moving and growing, as the Earth on both sides grounds her and helps her to consistently--if slowly--manifest her goals and dreams. 

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