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O.K., let's face it. One of the joys of collecting is getting your hands on something that you know is hard, or better still, impossible, for most people to get. I have only been collecting for a few years, so I have only been able to gather a few gems of this type. This is one of them.

Pamela's Portraits is a deck designed for A.P.A. Tarot's 100th issue. It is a limited edition of 50 decks, designed by  K. Frank Jensen, and distributed with his contribution to the 100th issue. Jensen is arguably the owner of the largest collection of 20th century Tarot decks in the world. The concept behind the deck is devastatingly simple. Frank zeroed in on the faces from the Waite deck - hence the "portraits." He blew them up and colored them in red and black. He assigned one to each of the then current members of A.P.A. Tarot. Sadly, I was not a member at that time.

The cards are small, measuring 1 13/16" X 3 3/16". The backs say A.P.A. Tarot-100. The fronts have a glossy coating. The cards come in a pink slip-sleeve case whose label says: Pamela's Portraits: Homage to Pixie. Frank owns several versions of the original Waite deck. I do not know from which version he got the images. When you see them, either you will recognize them instantly, or if you don't, you will certainly feel a nagging sense of familiarity and you will probably ask yourself, "Where have I seen that face?" Then it hits you - bam! Why didn't I think of that? Maybe when I have been collecting decks as long as Frank has, I will get great ideas like this, too.

Pamela's Portraits: Homage to Pixie
K.Frank Jensen after Pamela Colman Smith's design
Special Limited Edition for APA Tarot no. 100 (April 1994)

The top four are easy. See if you can guess the bottom four. Answers below.

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Fool, Magician, High Priestess, Empress
Wheel of Fortune, Tower, Judgment, Chariot

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