The Prediction Tarot

This deck was used to illustrate several books by British Tarot authors (see below), specifically those published by Aquarian Press, who coincidentally published this deck. The art is O.K. The scenes consist primarily of a large central character or scene with little detail in the backgrounds, other than skies, clear or troubled. The faces are stiff, harsh and unappealing and generally look bored or unhappy. The colors are muted. The Major Arcana maintain the traditional names. Justice is VIII and Strength is XI. The suits are Swords, Staves (Wands), Cups and Coins (Discs/Pentacles). The court consists of King Queen, Knight and Page. The Minors are pips, very similar to the Marseilles in style, on a light blue background.

The little booklet provides brief upright and reversed interpretations. The Minor Arcana interpretations tend to be more positive or upbeat than the traditional, for example: Five of Staves - An exciting challenge; a competitive situation, or Nine of Swords - The resolution of inner conflicts; the beginning of recovery from past traumas. The interpretations for the Majors do not have this positive slant and are predictive in nature. Three spreads are provided: The Horoscope, The Celtic Cross and The Pyramid.

The following books are illustrated with this deck:

Although Sasha Fenton raves about this deck*, it never really caught on in the United States and is now out of print.

* "I loved their 'wintery' colors and precise detail. They have a strongly 'masculine' feel about them which hauntingly expresses Man's continuing desire to understand the universe and the need to tap into hidden power sources of higher consciousness. The eternal need to find meaning in the mysteries of life and death."

Fortune Telling with Tarot Cards pg. 11-12

I recommend this deck primarily for collectors.

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