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This deck is designed for beginners. Upright and reversed card meanings are written on the cards. The images on the cards appear to be from the Universal Waite deck. The cards measure 2 3/4" X 4 3/4". The scenes on the cards measure 1 5/8" X 2 9/16" and are surrounded by a thin white border. The back looks like a blow-up of the pomegranates from the High Priestess card surrounded by a blue border. They are reversible. Each card is divided diagonally into two sections. The upright card meanings are in the golden upper section and the reversed meanings are in the bottom, dark blue section. The meanings seem to be written for those who want to read for themselves. They are often written in the second person and are predictive in style. For example:

VI - The Lovers

Physical beauty. A beautiful soul. Beginning of a romance. Temptation, attraction, sexuality, lust and love. In order for a relationship to work, you must leave your parents. Represents a period of good times, close friendships and adventures. An important decision must be made.

(Reversed) Inability to make a decision. A bad choice is made. Friends move on and abandon you. Fighting and communication breakdown lead to infidelity and separation. Possible divorce. A moral lapse involving temptation, indiscretion and infidelity. Interference of in-laws. The need to heal a relationship.

Some of the meanings seem to be personal to the author, vice those specified by Arthur Edward Waite. The familiar, second person style makes them read like a newspaper daily horoscope. All Pages, except the Page of Wands, signify a male under 30. The Page of Wands "may" signify a male under 30. I guess that leaves the door open for it signify a female as well, although when reversed, the word "may" no longer appears.

There is no little booklet for this deck. There is a card that provides some general information on how to do a reading and four spreads: The Single Draw, The Past/Present/Future Spread, The Celtic Cross Spread and the Star Spread. I imagine that the goal of this deck is to provide an easy method for complete novices to do readings for themselves. The deck can certainly be used for this purpose. However, like the newspaper daily horoscopes, the readings from this deck are, of necessity stripped down and generic. The novice using this deck is given no indication that Tarot is much more than the canned meanings printed on these cards. There is no mention of what the suits represent, or how they relate to the elements. There is no clue as to where the meanings came from other than from the pen of Ellen Lytle. So, even though the meanings are written on the cards, a little booklet would have still been useful to alert the novice to the fact that this deck just barely scratches the surface of the rich mosaic that is Tarot. Should this deck pique one's interest, there is no reference information for further study. The implication is that this is all there is.

I recommend this deck for collectors and for those who want to occasionally do a reading for themselves without having to learn what the cards mean. However, I think anyone with a genuine interest in Tarot will quickly discover the limitations in this deck's approach.

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Quick and Easy Tarot Deck
ISBN: 1-57281-244-3
Publisher: US Games Systems Inc, 179 Ludlow St., Stamford CT, 06902, (800)544-2637, FAX: (203)353-8431

Additional Sample Meanings

Seven of Swords

Many choices confront you - only one is correct. All others will bring disaster. Running away from decisions, problems and commitments makes things worse. Your first instinct will be to try to do everything on your own - back off at the first sign that this isn't working. Selfish decisions bring dishonor and shame.

(Reversed) You will question your own actions or judgment. Your confidence will be shaken by coming events. Arguments and opposition to your plans are encountered. Responsibilities lay heavy on your mind. A price will be paid for facing up to your responsibilities and keeping your word. You will experience a loss that can not be avoided.

Queen of Pentacles

Signifies a nurturing, down to earth woman who shows concern for others. Intensely loyal to her friends and family. Stable, dependable. Helps others in need. Organized. Noble and generous, sympathetic to social and political issues.

(reversed) Opinionated woman. Volatile, changing moods. Narrow minded and bigoted. Unforgiving attitude towards those she looks down upon. Takes without giving. Gives only when something is to be gained. She has a strictly materialistic outlook on life. Be suspicious of this woman.


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