Three Card Reading with the Rock and Roll Tarot - Reading by Diane Wilkes

I have devised a new three card spread for parties and those readings that are time-limited.  I tried it out on a friend who had just received some trying news that related to changes she is trying to make in herself to assist in a healthier, more harmonious family life.


Card One: Person in the Present - Princess of Albums (Disks)

Card Two: Gifts and Assets - Moon

Card Three: Blockages and Obstacles - Ace of Muse (Cups)

The first card, the Princess of Albums, is based on Natalie Merchant's lyric: "Have I been blind/Have I been lost inside myself."  My friend has tried to be optimistic about the situation, but she may have incorrectly hoped/thought solutions could be less time-consuming than they actually will be.  She is working on stabilizing and grounding herself, and structuring things to improve her situation. 

The second card, The Moon, is based on the Fleetwood Mac song Rhiannon.  The snippet, "Would you stay if she promised you heaven/Will you ever win?" speaks to the idealized image (heaven) and the despair felt when the reality falls so short of the reality.  The gift of the Moon is the ability to use your imagination to dream dreams--the pitfall is that delusion can be a by-product of the imagination.

The third card is the Ace of Cups.  The lyric "Don't you want somebody to love/Don't you need somebody to love?" by the Jefferson Airplane reminds my friend to remember the love when frustrated...but the image of Grace Slick (and my knowledge of her history) also speaks to major excess.  Abuse of drugs and the idealization of freedom without responsibility led to personal suffering and bondage.  The Ace of Cups brims...and overflows.  When I said this to my friend, she responded, "Too much of anything, even love, isn't necessarily a good thing."  It's a line from "The Trouble with Tribbles," a Star Trek episode.  This reminds her to keep her emotions balanced and in check as she deals with this situation.

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Spread, reading, and page 2000 Diane Wilkes