Three Card Reading with the Buckland Romani Tarot - Reading by Diane Wilkes

Card One: Person in the Present - King of Bolers (Disks)

Card Two: Gifts and Assets - Six of Chivs (Swords)

Card Three: Blockages and Obstacles - The Star

Normally, I'd say this card represents someone who has learned to manifest their dreams and desires, and has successfully turned their dreams into reality.  However, based on Buckland's interpretation of this card (which I, inronically, spent no small amount of time today transcribing), I would begin to question this assessment.  I would say the querent "looks" very successful, but there is a sense of illusory success.  Something isn't as it seems.  As someone whose work demands I recognize and acknowledge synchronicity, I can't dismiss the fact that, of all cards I could have chosen to excerpt, this one showed up as the person in the present, so I must include Buckland's slant in my analysis.  The querent has the trappings of abundance, but she either is wearing or feels as if she is wearing a mask, and underneath the facade is insecurity and a concern about financial matters.

Interestingly, the card for gifts and assets, the Six of Chivs, is not particularly positive--but the card for blockages and obstacles is tremendously promising.  The Romani Six of Chivs shows a vardo traveling through the snow.  Knives hold the rattletrap mode of transportation together, and the horse looks steady and strong, but not flashy nor dashing.  Based on this card, the querent has several assets--she is determined and doesn't give up, no matter how hard the road is.  She is resourceful, and when life gives her lemons, she makes a serviceable lemonade.  She is also adventurous, and willing to try new roads.  If one doesn't lead her where she wants to go, she doesn't hesitate to move onward.  She exemplifies grace under pressure.

With the Star as an obstacle card, several possibilities present themselves.  One is that her dreams are idealized, and she is unwilling to settle for anything less than perfection.  She may not be "of this world", and is unable to accept the mundane and petty problems life inevitably presents.  There is a long-suffering look to the woman in this card that indicates that she might be comfortable in the martyr role.  She may be filled with gifts, but is pouring them out in the wrong direction, and not nurturing herself.  Finally, there may be personal issues that stop her from self-actualizing to her fullest potential.

This combination of cards seems to say that the querent may be looking outside for answers and validation that are only to be found within.  She may need to learn to be less critical of herself, and show her true colors to the world.  

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Art 2001 Lissanne Lake
Spread, reading, and page 2001 Diane Wilkes



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