Reading with the Tarot of the Saints by Diane Wilkes

The querent had recently "met" someone via the Internet and wanted to know how things would go when she met him in real life--but she also wanted to know about her long-time relationship with a married man.  We did a variation of the "Torn Between Two Lovers" Spread.  Romantic Interest "A" represented the new man; Romantic Interest "B" represented the married man.

Card One:     Dynamics of Romantic Interest "A" - Five of Swords, Reversed

Romantic Interest "A" has a lot to give and is willing to give it.  He has a serious fantasy life and sees himself as "G-d's gift to women." 

Card Two:    Dynamics of querent in relationship to "A" - Seven of Cups

The querent is very much desirous that this man she has never met (though they have had many wonderful telephone conversations) to be "the one."  She strongly feels that he's perfect for her, and is considering plans to move to his area.  There is also a sense that this relationship is destined.  She feels he could be her savior in a sense, delivering her from a distressing situation.

Card Three:  Dynamics of querent in relationship to Romantic Interest "B" - Eight of Pentacles

The querent is doing all the work in keeping the relationship with Romantic Interest "B" alive, and she feels drained by it.  There is also the consideration of  financial dependence on him, which leads to inequalities within the relationship.

Card Four:    Dynamics of Romantic Interest "B" - Seven of Pentacles

Romantic Interest "B" is feeling very much like going his own way.  His financial giving makes him feel as if he is free of any other ties and/or responsibilities.  He also likes being the center of attention and having everything on his terms.

Card Five:    What the querent needs to remember about Romantic Interest "A" - Seven of Wands

There is an aspect of conflict and debate in their interchanges which can be stimulating, but also detrimental if taken too far.  She might also need to fight for equality in this relationship.

Card Six:      What the querent needs to remember about herself vis-a-vis Romantic Interest "A" - Eight of Cups

Because of her present vulnerability, the querent is feeling very romantic, and is surrounded by her fantasies of a perfect and harmonious relationship.  She needs to stay grounded in reality and not allow herself to be swept away by her daydreams.  She also needs to remember that things might not be as they seem, so that the fall down isn't too steep if their meeting doesn't turn out the way she'd like.

Card Seven:  What the querent needs to remember about Romantic Interest "B" - Squire of Cups

Despite her state of infatuation over Romantic Interest "A", the querent is still willing to work on her relationship with Romantic Interest "B."  She still has strong feelings for him, whether or not she wants to accept that fact.

Card Eight:    What the querent needs to remember about herself vis-a-vis Romantic Interest "B" - Four of Staffs

In his heart, Romantic Interest "B" loves the querent like a wife, but he's too selfish to put that love into action at this time.  The white bird does offer the hope that he might be able to act less selfishly in the future, especially since this card is traditionally a "marriage card."

Card Nine:    What the querent doesn't know about Romantic Interest "A" - Ace of Cups

There is an aspect of the sacrificial lamb, or being led to the slaughter shown in this version of the Ace of Cups.  The querent needs to recognize that she is often too willing to sacrifice in relationships.  There is also the more traditional meaning of this card, which is that Romantic Interest "A" is quite taken with the querent.

Card Ten:      What the querent doesn't know about herself vis-a-vis Romantic Interest "A" - The Moon

There are still some secrets that the querent doesn't know, some things that haven't come to light, that will make her examine her own thoughts and feelings about both herself and Romantic Interest "A."  Romantic Interest "A" has a psychic, deeply sensitive side of his own (as does the querent).

Card Eleven:  What the querent doesn't know about Romantic Interest "B" - Judgement

This is the time to rise up from the dead, literally.  If the relationship no longer serves her, she needs to let it go, whether or not Romantic Interest "A" is the one, or just another illusion.  There are two sides to the querent right now--one that is reaching out to a new calling, but one that still wants to remain in the tomb of the old relationship. 

Card Twelve: What the querent doesn't know about herself vis-a-vis Romantic Interest "B" - The Chariot

Romantic Interest "B" seems himself as a good guy or a hero, much like St. Christopher, who is pictured in this version of the card, and the querent sometimes agrees with this assessment.  He has the mannerisms of that good guy/hero.  The querent is feeling the need to move on, but can't do it without a transition man, so perhaps, if nothing else, Romantic Interest "A" can serve in that capacity.

In the meantime, the querent recognized that she could work on her own issues so that, in the future, she would simply find inappropriate, negative treatment unacceptable.

Postscript:  The querent sent me an email after meeting Romantic Interest "A" in the flesh.  "A" told her a secret he had been keeping until they met in person--he's bisexual.  This was not something the querent was expecting or was willing to accept in a romantic relationship.

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