Sakki-Sakki Tarot Sample Reading by Diane Wilkes

The querent, a writer, inquired about a book proposal she had shopped to several publishers.

Card One:    What the querent needs to know about the book proposal's status - Queen of Swords

The querent sometimes feels embattled when she sends a proposal out, because she is unable to control the results. A strong and articulate writer, she is willing to fight for what she believes is important and valuable--and sometimes those beliefs conflict with potential publishers. This card indicates that she may have to fight for this project, as well as do some significant revising (cutting away with that large and merciless sword!). Even as she feels embattled, the querent needs to remember that she is at the top of her craft and deserves the respect she has earned with past successes. She may need to don armor to protect her ego and feelings of self-worth as she deals with this process. The background of this card indicates fun and frivolity, suggesting that the querent make her home situation as relaxing and pleasantly engaging as possible.

Card Two:    What can she do to best enhance the chances for the book proposal at this time - Three of Rods

The first, most obvious answer is that she has already done everything she can to enhance the chances for the book proposal. I can practically hear the Queen of Swords pointing to this card and saying, "That ship has sailed..." Despite the Three of Rods' main character being headless, he looks strong and sturdy as he allows a bird to rest upon his muscular arm. The querent needs to remember her strengths during this time, as well as seek new horizons to conquer. This is a card of fearless courage and positive anticipation of the future.

I can't help but note that there are three wands, and the character holds one of them-loosely, it must be said. Perhaps the querent is in contact with three publishers and one of them needs to have their hand held, guided, so to speak. The querent may wish to contact one of the publishers to make sure the process is moving along. 

Card Three:   Future project(s) - Six of Swords

From this card, I get the sense that the present book proposal is similar to prior projects, but a new project would involve a transition, a change from past ventures (and I use the word purposely). This card urges flexibility--look at the person steering the boat! New projects might involve travel, as well. If the querent's finances haven't been as lucrative as she would like, this card indicates that a new project might be more financially remunerative than previous literary pursuits.

Elementally, this is a very positive reading--all yang cards that work well together. The key for the querent is to remain active and confident, not allowing anything to get in the way of her desires. Her work is vital and only negative self-talk can harm her.

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Images 2004 Monicka Clio Sakki
Reading and page 2004 Diane Wilkes