Sample Reading using the Crone's Eye View Spread with the Tarot of the Crone.  Not all cards are presently available for viewing.

The querent is a pagan high priestess whose working partner (and high priest) had recently passed away, unexpectedly but peacefully. They had been in the middle of many projects and had quite a few students. She wanted perspective on how she might handle this sad and difficult situation and insight into where she personally needed go from here.

1. She Sees The Pattern
Grandmother of Swords -- The Storyteller
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The Grandmothers in the Tarot of the Crone correspond to the Queens. The Grandmothers have a mastery of their element (in this case, mental powers, and words in particular) and use it for the benefit of their families and their communities. Here the card indicates that the querent acts as a speaker of truth for her students, and feels a great responsibility towards them. The truth she speaks may also appear in the guise of fantasy, where the querent creates a channel for the imagination. The maturity of the Grandmother says the querent is quite capable of standing on her own, perhaps growing more into her power now that she is on her own.

2. She Sees What Is Hidden
Two of Cups -- Desire
The querent has a great longing for union inside of her that she may not have noticed so much before, since the reality of her partner had helped to fulfill it. But the card in this position says this longing is not just about her loss. It is about wanting to connect with God/dess in deep and real ways. This desire, though it is not always "comfortable," is what makes the querent a good priestess.

3. She Sees What Is Obvious
The Crossroads
Obviously, the querent must now make some decisions regarding her future spiritual work. What might not be quite so obvious is the "Major" nature of these decisions. That they relate to her finding her heart's desire and soul's path. Though she may know the "guts" of her desire, "to serve the Goddess" for example, what remains is to know the best way she might do that. Bringing spirit into matter can be done in so many ways, through service or art or parenting or teaching to name just a few. It is time for her choice to come from her heart. It is also time to recognize that following one path means not following another and that it's okay to leave some things behind. Not only okay, but likely necessary.

4. She Sees Your Strength
Two of Disks -- Partner
Her partner has been her strength in many ways, and what she has learned from him continues to be her strength. Also she has learned much from the experience of working with another in this way -- about how to allow differing energies to complement each other rather than conflict, and how with another one may build something greater than either might have done alone. She can depend upon her ability to elicit cooperation from others.

5. She Sees Your Weakness
Four of Swords -- Reason
In the Grandmother of Swords we have seen the querent's powerful mental abilities and also her feelings of responsibility. Reason in this position indicates she is using these abilities to talk herself into something, perhaps attempting to maintain the commitments all by herself. She is approaching questions of students and projects with her reason, thinking "well I could do this with that and then I could do that with this and then I could..." But this planning doesn't address the emotional and spiritual issues that have arisen. And the fact remains that these are the primary issues, that the previous energies in the teaching and projects really are no more, and some things are likely to remain unfinished.

6. She Knows Where To Strike
The Fool
Some time out is definitely called for. With the Fool, if the querent doesn't make this time for herself, the Crone will likely make it for her. Before she makes the decisions, before she decides to continue on as best she can, or make adaptations to the new situation, she needs some time to return to the Source. To lay it all down in Her lap and be as a child again. To be renewed and reborn. To truly wipe the slate clean and allow something brand new to emerge. To remember again why she started on this path in the first place. It is time to set aside, or pass along, the responsibility for others, and to say goodbye to the students and to the projects -- likely not forever -- yet without a real goodbye she will not be giving herself the freedom she needs right now to make the best choices, and the best new start.

Ellen Lorenzi-Prince has been a reader and teacher of Tarot for over 15 years. She is the artist and designer of the in-progress Tarot of the Crone. She writes tarot-related articles, poetry, short stories and meditations for herself and for several online study groups, as well as for printed newsletters. She may be contacted through her site.

Spread, images, and reading 2001 Ellen Lorenzi-Prince
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