The Tarot
This is a very small paperback which uses the IJJ Swiss deck. It could be used with most Tarot decks however. The typeset is a longhand print, which is easy to read and gives the book a folksy charm. The book covers the basics of giving a Tarot reading and has fairly traditional interpretations, though they have been written as if you are only reading for yourself and are using the cards as a tool for self reflection. There are a few spreads and some general information about the Tarot.

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The Tarot Reader
This book is written as a companion book to The Tarot. It has “advanced” interpretations and 10 new spreads. The interpretations in this book go into a little more detail than The Tarot.
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Traveling the Royal Road: Mastering the Tarot
The previous two books have now become a Trilogy. Traveling the Royal Road has a brief discussion of various decks, answers some commonly asked questions, such as how often the cards should be read, and how to set up a Tarot Journal. The book goes on to discuss various cards in different positions in the Celtic Cross spread and gives some example spreads the author has done. By now we are being referred back to the previous two books every few pages or so.

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The Tarot Guide to Love and Relationships
This book is the first that is regular typeset. It contains interpretations geared specifically towards relationship questions. It contains sample readings, some spreads (the same spreads as the previous three books) and rehashes the basic steps involved in doing a reading. It also refers you back to the other three books, though not as often as Traveling the Royal Road.

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Nancy Shavick’s books are easy to understand, and while they do not have great depth, they do cover the basics adequately. They have the added attraction of being very inexpensive ($4.50 currently). My favorite is The Tarot Reader, which has the most interesting interpretations in my humble opinion.
Author: Nancy Shavick
The Tarot - ISBN: 0-425-11263-2
The Tarot Reader - ISBN: 0-425-12736-2
Traveling the Royal Road - ISBN: 0-425-13246-3
The Tarot Guide to Love and Relationships - ISBN: 0-425-13583-7

Tarot readings are healings which leave you feeling purer and calmer in their wake. A reading always directs you towards positive goals, awakening you to the principles of love, fairness, aliveness, freedom and the pursuit of happiness. Once you grasp the method put forth in this book, you will be able to give readings full of insight and inspiration. The Tarot cards are beautiful, helpful tools created many centuries ago to be employed as a connection to our divine source of wisdom. The 78 cards come to mean something slightly different to everyone, but each possess certain abstract principles inherent in their traditional design. The descriptions pertaining to each card in this guide faithfully follow their customary meanings.
(From The Tarot, pg. 8)

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