A Leap Across the Abyss Reading with the Shining Tribe Tarot - Reading by Diane Wilkes

This spread is taken from the book that accompanies the Shining Tribe Tarot by Rachel Pollack.  I did this reading for myself because I very much wanted to know how I could deal with a personal abyss: organizing my incredibly disorganized space.  This may seem a trivial subject to some, but was/is a vital and long-term issue for me.

I thought I had shuffled the deck thoroughly, but the consecutive cards that turned up convinced me I had not, which seemed a message in itself about preparation and organization.  I decided there was a karmic message for me here, and the card interpretations supported my belief that I should not re-shuffle and deal again.

Where Do I Start?                   Seven of Trees (Wands)

The main image in this card looks like a spinal column-as-tree-trunk, with trees emanating as branches from the post.  This was a clear message to me that some of my chakras are out of whack.  I need to get in alignment in order to move beyond my present state of "stuckness."   In particular, I have a deficiency in kundalini energy.  I have recently started working with a yoga instructor and need to speak to her about ways in which I can work on this lack. 

I also see in this card a message not to be too hard on myself about this situation.  It seems to say there are other reasons besides laziness that have led to this lack of organization, and self-flagellation will neither help nor even  be appropriate.

What is Hidden?                      Gift (Queen) of Stones (Disks)

Two Goddess temples are at the center of this card (one of which, interestingly, also appears on the Seven of Trees).  There is something very primal and earthy about this card, very connected to Gaia.  I'm not.  This exterior mess correlates to my lack of being in my body, and living in my head, where there is no disorganization. If I don't see anything around me, it isn't there.

Obviously, there is a need to connect.  I suspected ritual might be called for to connect and move the kundalini energy, and began to think of things to incorporate, such as Mars incense and a Laura Nyro song that refers to Mars.

Who Helps Me?                      The Spiral of Fortune (The Wheel of Fortune)

This is the card that seemed to be the focus of the reading for me.  There is a spiral at the center of this card, with a bird head poking out from the top.  This card, along with the Seven of Trees and the Chariot, really speaks to the importance of moving forward, finding energy.  It also reminds me that things go in cycles and the wheel can turn eventually if I keep applying myself to moving it.

The four different-colored circles that border the spiral represent the four worlds of Kabbalah, which has been a focus of study of late.  I can't move anywhere on that tree until Malkuth is in order, but my meditations have been moving me towards all of the things, hidden and overt, that I am looking at in this spread.

What Do I Fear?                      The Hermit

Immediately, I thought this card meant that I was afraid of being "alone" without my thousands of book-friends about me.  It's why I react so strongly and negatively to removing even one from an apartment that was not meant to be a library.  If my home were neat and relatively organized, there would be a sense of stillness and serenity that would force me to face my inertia and lack of effort in other areas of my life.  The quiet would be quite loud in that way.

The imagery of this card really speaks to this, and the sun shining down on a blossoming tree, along with the door, seems to have an optimistic cast.  The Turtle reminds me that slow and steady wins the race.  As someone who has real issues with delayed gratification, I need to remember there are things in my life that I have achieved through perseverance.  I can apply that same perseverance to this issue.

What Must I Give Up?              Strength

Usually, willfulness and ego aren't the first things that come to mind for me with this card, but this rendition, with a donkey-like lion standing in front of a tree with one leg kicking straight up in the air, the words "stubborn ass" came immediately to mind.  I have been very childish in my belief that I could organize this apartment without getting rid of a lot of stuff, including...it hurts me to write this...books.

What Must I Take With Me?     The Chariot

I must find a way to make these changes joyfully and feel they are a triumph, not a defeat.  The energy of the charioteer is something I also need to incorporate into my approach to this long-term issue.  The lunar symbol on the charioteer's breastplate is another reminder about cycles and tuning into the most fortuitous times and tides, timing my ritual with attention to the lunar phase.

What Will I Experience?            The Lovers

I see this card as what I will experience when I begin to get my space organized.  Talk about your divine spark.  It will be a time when things really become harmonious within myself (I'll be kissing myself with joy).  This speaks, I think, to the Seven of Trees message about alignment.  The personal satisfaction I'll feel when my space is under control (and those words are used intentionally) will make me complete and whole in a way that I am not now.  I will feel light as air (flying).  There will be a tranquil balance that will help me to accomplish a great deal in my life.

What Will I Find?                      Eight of Rivers (Cups)

This card shows three masked people on a road, all of whom look like they are celebrating.  I think this talks to the sense of new freedom and play I will find when I finally have my personal space in order.  The structure will give me relief and release.  It will be a whole new world for me, one that is a lot more fun than the one I'm experiencing at present.

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Reading and page 2001 Diane Wilkes









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