The Fantastic Shoes (Osvaldo Menegazzi)

A recent discussion on Tarot-l of the artist who created this deck prompted me to review the sole deck of his that I own. Osvaldo Menegazzi has produced several art decks. The Fantastic Shoes consists of the 22 Major Arcana illustrated with shoes. Each card has one shoe as the central illustration. The card number is in the upper left corner and the card name (in Italian) is on the bottom. Each shoe is styled to fit the card it illustrates. The High Priestess is a black, high buttoned affair with some white brocade trim, prim and proper. The Empress is a decadent green with a gold lining, replete with curves and swirls, and a luscious lavendar pom-pom. Strength (Card 11) is an armored boot, with spur. The World is a badly worn boot with a globe peeking out from a hole in the front of the sole.

This deck is from a numbered, limited edition of 1600. A friend of mine picked this up for me in N.Y.C., so I do not have a source. I recommend this deck for collectors and for anyone who gets a chance to read for Imelda. One could read with it, but it is more whimsical than esoteric.

Image copyright Osvaldo Menegazzi


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