Reading with the Shakespeare Oracle by Diane Wilkes

The querent recently left a long-standing job to begin a new career and wanted to know about the immediate future in relationship to her new position.




Present Situation -- Justice


Since the querent's new position was hearings officer, I had to smile when I saw this card come up. The Shakespeare Oracle Justice card is based on Portia, the wise judge of The Merchant of Venice. The three main symbols on the card all applied to the querent's situation--the scales symbolize the importance of being even-handed and fair, the scroll, the need for being fully educated on the matters at hand, and the owl, the value of her internal wisdom. As the owl is perched on a tree branch and is the highest image, this says to me that the querent's good judgment will be her most valuable tool as she begins her new job. 


Positives -- Ace of Pentacles


"Live rich and happy," reads the quotation on the Shakespeare Oracle Ace of Pentacles card. While the position is a lateral move for the querent financially, it allows her to begin a new phase of her life, one that is far more independent than her previous job. The book describes this card as "a harbinger of new starts, tangible improvements, abundance, and success on all levels." It is a literal description of the querent's position, ironically enough. She is leaving behind an environment fraught with stress, and this card signals that her new situation is a much more pleasant and pleasurable one, one on which she can build a firm foundation.


Negatives -- The Abbess (The High Priestess)


This seemed the richest of the cards, even though it was also the most challenging. The first "negative" involves the querent's extroverted personality--she enjoys collegial interaction and this card indicates the solitary nature of her new position. This card is a reminder that she needs to find inner satisfaction, as her situation doesn't necessarily contain outer validation. This particular version of the card also speaks to a situation where the environment is somewhat unbalanced (though the Abbess is the voice of sanity and serenity). There are still secrets to be uncovered, mysteries that are not yet out in the open. The querent will need to be cautious in terms of to whom she bestows her trust, and keeping her own counsel will always be the wisest course of action.  


I was struck that the two Major Arcana cards are very feminine cards--and Pentacles, of course, is a yin suit. This combination says to me that the querent will do best not just to keep her own counsel, but to hang back a bit, not enter the situation with bombast or too much energy, but simply observe. This new job calls for a certain degree of caution, and a "wait-and-see" approach. There is great potential for success and satisfaction in this job, but it will not be all things to the querent. 


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