Songs for the Journey Home

This deck is one of the more whimsical in my collection. Don't get me wrong; it is a serious deck. However, some of the images are just fun. The soft colors and large scenes contribute to an overall feeling of warmth and laughter. The cards are round and measure 4 1/8" across. They have different colored borders depending on the type of card and suit. There have been several changes in this deck. The entire deck revolves around the theme of songs. The Major Arcana are called Life Songs, the Court Cards are called Shell Songs, and the Minor Arcana, Ace through Ten, are called Hearth Songs. The Life Songs are arranged on a wheel and assigned to the seasons and the processes of Emerging (I, II, XVIII, XIX, XX), Manifesting (VII - VII), Relinquishing ( VIII - XII) and Transforming (XIII - XVII). The Court Cards have been renamed and their elemental assignments are not the same as those used by the Golden Dawn:

The suits have also been renamed: Earth Songs (Pentacles), Flame Songs (Wands), Wave Songs (Cups) and Wind Songs (Swords). A few of the of the Life Songs (Major Arcana) have also been renamed:

Justice is VIII and Strength is XI. The art is good. The artist is an illustrator of children's books and this shows in her work. The images are soft and gentle. The artists worked hard to maintain a gender balance and the deck is multicultural. This is not a Waite-Smith clone. The imagery is very original and evocative.

The deck does not come with a little booklet. There is a separate book available for the deck. The book begins by discussing the philosophy behind the deck. Both of the creators were followers of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (Osho), and they each tell their own story of how they came to be involved with Osho and Tarot. The section on the Life Songs (Majors) gives a description of the card and what it means. There is not a separate section for meanings, upright or reversed; rather, the description tells what the card represents. This is followed by a section on the Shell Songs (Court Cards) and the Hearth Cards. The Hearth cards are based on numerology, and the author recommends you lay the cards out by suit when reading about the cards to see the numerological pattern. After all of the cards are discussed, there are original stories/myths for three of the cards (The Star, Beyond Judgment, and the Nine Earth Song). This is followed by visualization exercises for the Luminary (Hierophant), Justice and the High Priestess/Empress. There is a short section describing how the author reads the cards followed by Four spreads - the Celtic Cross and three new spreads.

I recommend this deck for those who are looking for something different. Although the images are evocative, I recommend that you buy the book as well as the deck, as there is no little booklet and the deck is not based on the Rider, Thoth, or any of the more popular decks.

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Songs for the Journey Home is available from:
Alchemists & Artists
P.O. Box 32 305 Devonport
Auckland, New Zealand
telephone 09 445-6058 or 579-2660

Price for the deck and book is $51.00 USD plus $10.00 USD for postage


Songs for the Journey Home is a re-visioning of tarot, reflecting the issues we face as we rapidly approach the twenty-first century, although this deck also draws strength and sustenance from tarot's mythical roots. This deck retains the outward form of traditional tarot with a total of 78 images. The twenty-two cards of the Major Arcana have been renamed the Life Songs. In the text the analogy of the four seasons is used to describe the powerful cycles of change which create the major contours of our experiences.

The Tenth Wave Song

An abundant sense of love and harmony creates a protective sanctuary in which new birth occurs. The swans form a heart shaped avenue, here symbolizing the passage of transformation which is opening to you through the strength of love in your life.

This birth or rebirth may take many different forms and may manifest physically, spiritually and creatively. The silver and gold eggs resting on the lily pads speak of a union which has allowed each of you to glimpse the jewel within yourself and your beloved. Love brings to life the potential which has always lived within you.

This discovery and sense of imminent awakening has the feeling of an evolving and refining of your purpose and destiny. The alchemy created by this deep, mutable and aiding love flows over to touch the lives of many.

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