Songs for the Journey Home - A Brief Overview by Arnell Ando

It is a 78 card deck consisting of round cards in the traditional 22
Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana format. The creators of this deck have
renamed the Major Arcana the Life Songs. The Majors have also been
connected to the four seasons:

Spring/Emerging: The Magician and the High Priestess
Summer/Manifesting: The Empress through to the Chariot
Autumn/Relinquishing: Justice through to the Hanged One
Winter/Transforming: Death through to the Star card
Spring/Merging: The Moon through to the Beyond Judgment card

The Fool and the Homecoming are perceived as being in the center of this

They have also renamed a few of the Majors:

- The Hierophant - The Luminary
- Temperance - Renewal
- Judgment- Beyond Judgment
- The World - The Homecoming

Justice is in the 8th card position and Strength is in the 11th.

The court cards in this deck are called the Shell Songs and according to
the creators, mirror the roles that we play out in life.
The Court cards have been renamed:
Page - Innocence
Knight - Awakening
Queen - Creating
King - Resolving

The remaining minors have been split up into 4 suits. They are known as
the Hearth Songs and have been renamed as follows:

Wands - Fire Songs
Cups - Wave Songs
Swords - Wind Songs
Disks - Earth Songs

The deck is done in earthy pastels and I feel it is very easy on the
eyes and comforting to work and meditate with.

The book that comes with the deck expresses the authors thoughts and
beliefs very gracefully with much attention to detail. It is a poetic
read, yet is also very down to earth and honest. It is apparent that the
creators put a lot of heart and mind into this project. Since this deck
has taken many creative liberties and redefined many of the cards and
elements I think it is essential to read the book to fully appreciate
the philosophy of the creators of this deck. If you do not feel
comfortable with decks that stray from the Traditional format than you
may not click with this one, however if you like to explore new
territory, and experiment with tools that assist you in perceiving the
familiar in alternative ways, then this deck may open new doors and give
you much to ponder. I personally think it is like a breath of fresh,
crisp air.

The book is approximately 200 pages and my only complaint is that it
does not show the cards in it. However they mentioned this set has gone
into it's 2nd printing so I'm hoping they have included the
illustrations this time around. They do not have a bibliography, however
they share a couple creative visualizations as well as a few Tarot

Arnell Ando

You can see cards from this deck here.

This page is Copyright 1997 by Michele Jackson