A Leap Across the Abyss Reading from the Shining Tribe Tarot by Rachel Pollack

Rachel Pollack kindly allowed me to post this spread from her wonderful book that accompanies the Shining Tribe Tarot.  The spread was inspired by the date of the actual reading, February 29, 2000, which suggested the powerful theme of the leap into the unknown. 

As explained in the book, "Most people know...leap day occurs every four years, when the last two digits of the year are divided by four (such as 88, 92, or 96).  However, years that end in 00, such as 1800 or 1900, do not have a February 29.  The exception is years when the first two digits are divisible by four, for example 1200, 1600, 2000.  Thus, February 29, 2000 was a once in four years event.  The year 2000 was also special because it was a bridge between two millennia, a year in which we can shed our old experiences to make room for whatever might come to life in a new century/millennium."

The Spread:

1.  Where do I start?          

2.  What is hidden?

3.  Who helps me?

4.  What do I fear?

5.  What must I give up?                   

6.  What must I take with me?

7.  What will I experience?

8.  What Will I Find?                   

You can see a sample reading with this spread, using the Shining Tribe Tarot, here.










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